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I'm thinking of putting in an app at Glacier Bay. Has anyone here worked up there? If so, what can you tell me about it? I've been kicking around the idea for awhile, but my parents would FREAK! They're not so excited about me going to Montana; if they knew I was thinking Alaska.............
I could tell them, however, that I can fly home from Juneau alot faster then I could drive home from Montana or Wyoming.

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I worked for Aramark in Denali and they are an okay company. They are like other companies in that they try to save every penny but they are fair. I will give an example of each.

When I was in housekeeping they wanted a room cleaned in 30 minutes and if a housekeeper had help then they wanted it done in 15 minutes. We were getting the rooms done so then they wanted a room done in 25 minutes which we did. Then they tried to get a room done in 20 minutes which never happened.

Early in the summer there was construction at the location and they cut a water line and some part of the locations did not have water which meant no showers or laundry. They reimbursed us on our paychecks for that.
OMG I just applied yesterday and they want to set up an interview with me..That happened fast!!!
haha, i was thinkin the same thing dude. but i just accepted a job wyoming instead. yellowstone is gonna be awesome. im from NJ so... i think that says enough. ill get to alaska eventually.
Stay away from Aramark in Denali! Seriously. In five years of working in Alaska, they were by far the very worst company i've EVER worked for. The housing is way-overpriced and really, really sucks. They treat their employees like crap and the bonus is the lowest i've ever seen.

Avoid them at all costs, especially the rafting/recreation department. You do not want to work for that manager who cannot be named due to the rules of this forum.

There are a lot of great companies to work for in Denali, but Aramark certainly isn't one of them.
i agree with mark, although, while i was there in 2006, they were building new dorms in denali. but during the summer the whole dorms would smell like urine because drunk employees (probably the same one) would just pee on the side of the building because they didn't feel like walking to the bathrooms in the middle of the night. the dorms were insanely loud, but i am a light sleeper, so it might not bother others. the managers were non-existant at first at our job, and when we did get one, it was obvious they had no experience in the field they were placed in, and we had to train our "boss".

and on a personal note, i broke my leg, and was fired immediately. i didn't expect them to cater to me, but the way they fired me left a sour taste in my mouth and i never worked a seasonal job since... i won't get into it, but i have heard similar stories from other employees.

there are many reasons why i would suggest working for a smaller outfit. to them, it is all about profits, not about employee satisfaction. but then again, others love aramark.
This doesn't sound much better than the Tent City situation out in Healy in 2005. I will NEVER work for Aramark in AK again. I've heard they're not so bad (in terms of how they treat their employees and such) in the Lower 48 as they were in Alaska but after my experiences I don't ever want to go back and work for them anywhere.

They had us living in those wall tents out in Healy - they arranged a shuttle bus but it only ran about every two hours which wasn't very convenient considering no one had their own cars. When they put the tents in they didn't do a good job with the plumbing in the bathroom and shower tents and within a few days there was raw sewage running everywhere. Aramark's reaction to it was very slow - they didn't really care that they had us living and sleeping in raw sewage. It was vile. I left after a month - as did several other people. I've heard the situation has improved somewhat since then but I have no desire to go and find out.

It's a shame because Denali is a beautiful place.
i was a member of tent city in 2005, and it was the single greatest experience of my life. I speak for every, single member of tent city. I personally have the right, and do speak for every member of Tent City 2005. viva la Healy for life, long live Healy.
i work for them in 07 never had any problems with them as long u do your job thats all it matter if u come in there acting an fool u will have some problems
You don't have to act a fool to have problems with Aramark. They simply don't care about employees, their bonuses are the lowest i've ever seen and their housing is horrible (and way over-priced).

I've worked for many seasonal companies over the last ten years, in Alaska and elsewhere. I've never worked for another company that, when i meet another former emp. from the same company, that we can share such an incredibly bitter experience.

All companies have their good and bad, but with Aramark, the good is outpaced by the very, very bad. You can do your job well and they will still find ways to fire you or make you leave early in order to not pay their pathetic bonus. During the heart of the season, they love you and there's lots of talk about all the nice things they are going to do once the mid-season rush is over. Yet by the end of the season, they'll do anything they can to get rid of you, just to avoid paying the bonus.

There are way too many good companies in Alaska (and Denali). It's just not worth it to work for Aramark. Seriously, just talk to more former employees. Few are as bitter as ex-Aramarks.
company dont fire u unless they give u a reason so u did something for u to get fired when i was there i know alot of people that beeen back for there 4 and 5th season so they must be doing something right when i was there i was an dishwasher at spruce work my way up to an prep cook now i'm going back next summer as an laundry supervisor so i must be doing something right if they keep wanted me to come back
there was a time when there would be firings everyday. they did nothing wrong other than be late for work, or get a little loud in the dorms. and that is wrong to fire someone who drove or flew thousands of miles to get to their summer job.

the reasoning behind this was because they overhire in anticipation of employees not showing up for their jobs. this is common practice for seasonal work, and i have seen company after company fire mass amounts of employees for trivial reasons because of this practice. this is first hand experience, and i was never one to get fired. but then i went and broke my leg, and was fired on the spot when i got back from the hospital. i drove 6,000 miles with my wife, and we were sat down in the HR office and told we had to leave the next day. i was dumbfounded. we had nowhere to go, my leg was still swollen from my accident so i needed to keep it elevated, and not to mention i was hallucinating from the pills i was taking.

because of this experience, i have not gone back to seasonal work. i did not expect aramark to keep me employed, but maybe help me for a few days as i gathered my thoughts. they were callous and cold hearted when it came to firing me. i was never written up for anything, and helped train their "management" in the restaraunt, since they obviously had no hands on experience in dining room management. we made them a lot of money, and dedicated ourselves, all to have to leave denali with a sour taste in our mouths. i have friends on this board who can back me up here and remember when this happened.
that's a real bummer, mike. i worked at shennadoah in 2000. i was a room inspector. those room attendants did a bad job, & the supervisor, didn't keep up with them. i would only go back there if they had different management. it was a fantastic place , up on the skyline drive, lots of hikes, the AT running along it's spine. that's all i know of aramark.


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