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I'm thinking of putting in an app at Glacier Bay. Has anyone here worked up there? If so, what can you tell me about it? I've been kicking around the idea for awhile, but my parents would FREAK! They're not so excited about me going to Montana; if they knew I was thinking Alaska.............
I could tell them, however, that I can fly home from Juneau alot faster then I could drive home from Montana or Wyoming.

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to be honest with you, i probably would have had a stellar summer if it weren't for the broken leg. but it would have nothing to do with aramark. i have a good time wherever i am or live, or i would otherwise just move somewhere else. but aramark really got to me. i wasn't the only one either.

email me at

can u tell me about skyland resort
i got hired there as a bellman
sorry that u had problems with them but ipm going back for my 3rd season
Right. And what color is the sky where you work?

Mike knows, just like many other Aramark employees know. They over-hire, then look for silly, trivial reasons to get rid of employees so that they don't have to pay the bonuses. In fact, they don't have to fire them; they usually just make it so miserable that the employees will quit.

It should tell you something that a hard-working employee will quit an drive 3,000 miles home early just so that they don't have to deal with their crap anymore.

I'm glad you had such a happy experience with Aramark. Just watch your back, though.
hi aj where did u work for them in washington? just curious on any info about them in the olympic national park. thanks
i've been doing seasonal work for six years, and aramark is by far the worst company i have worked for.
Have you ever worked for GPI - Glacier Lodge in Montana? They have offered me a position in accounting - seems like things are decent there - was there for a visit aseveral years ago and would love to work there but need some personal experience input.

I was employed by Glacier Bay Tours and Cruises the 2001 season as a steward aboard the day cruise,"The Spirit of Adventure". Captain James Johnson was Port of Glacier Bay Captain, (a true gentleman and very proffessional in every way, and his lovely wife Debbie was our Captain aboard"The Spirit of Adventure." I felt the crew was treated like family. I returned in 2007 to work aboard "The Fairweather II". Captain Ken was an incredible boat captain along with unbelievable knowledge of Alaska, its wildlife and waterways. I became friends with the crew, but the management supplied to Glacier Bay Lodge by Aramark was unhappy and it cascaded throughout the employees and reflected in a not so colorful way. I left early, but in the short time I was there we saw three general manager changes at the main lodge and the Chef left the same week I did. I later found out our onboard chief steward and engineer, (two very proffessional and very well educated in their fields), departed soon afterwards. This was a sad experience for me, I met and worked with some of the nicest people in the most beautiful and prestine places on earth. I hope to return to Glacier Bay, if in fact Aramark improves or for that matter consider me for a position in a guest service. National Park concessionaires change. I hope and pray Glacier Bay Lodge and its employees get treated fairly with respect so the guests truely enjoy their experience without question of any sour attitudes from unhappy employees brought on by poor upper level management.
Who will be driving up to Alaska ??? Where are you leaving from?? When are you gong??? I would like to meet up with some other groups and drive together.
What kind of position are you applying for? I'm applying them too.


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