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Talk to me... Would love to hear from previous employees as well. I will be coming on as a Retail Store Manager. Don't know where though, but that's what I applied for. 

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Hey! I'll be serving at the Pizzeria at Lake McDonald Lodge starting june 20th. First time working in Glacier, I'm really excited

Whats up!!! I worked in Glacier last summer at Lake McDonald Lodge as a bartender in the lounge and it was AWESOME!! Everyone in Glacier thinks that their location is the best, but Lake McDonald really is number one. If you get the option to pick, I would def choose there. Many Glacier hotel was under construction all last summer, and is pretty secluded on the east side of the park. Glacier Park Lodge and St Mary's Hotel are on the east side too, but on an Indian reservation with a really small town. Most people living on the east side have to travel over to the west side to Kalispell and Whitefish for shopping and going out to eat and what not. From Lake McDonald it takes about 45 mins to get to "town", add at least an extra hour if you are coming from the east side. Living in Glacier is great, I lived on the going-to-the-sun road which is one of the most scenic roads in the world. The road is what a bunch of people come to the park for. The rest are there for hiking, kayaking and taking pictures of the natural beauty. I have worked in 4 other National Parks for summer jobs, working in food and beverage. and I know that Glacier is the best. I will be back there this summer for sure, slinging those huckleberry margaritas to thirsty patrons getting off the boat and red bus tours!!! Message me if anyone has any particular questions!

I'll be at many glacier as edr manager, anyone else taking a motorcycle with them? I'd like to hook up with peeps for weekend rides

Hi Bree, sure we can go for a ride thru there. You can guide us,  as I haven't been there before. Should be fun!!

I'm going to be bartending in Many Glacier this summer. I've never been to glacier before and am planning on doing a lot of hiking. Any suggestions?

Do Shangri-la hike! Find a returnee and go with them. The start of the trail, and parts afterwards, are sketch trying to find the route, but it was my favorite hike when I worked at Many.

Probably the best location for hiking, scenery, etc. would be Many Glacier, then Two Medicine. However, those locations are very, very isolated,especially before GTS road opens. Lake McDonald/Apgar is a very nice location as well, but it gets to be a bit of a zoo. The advantage there, though, is you can get from there to civilization in about 1/2 an hour (you DON'T want to shop for groceries, or anything else for that matter, in the park).

In my experience, which admittedly is about 15 years old, the housing will be awful, and the food not quite so awful. Pretty much, even as the company itself says, you will be one step up from camping. The key is to spend as little time as possible in the employee housing. It will be light from 5 AM-10 PM, so there will be plenty of time to hike and explore. Glacier is a kind of unbelievable place.

CAVEAT: At some point, as staff flakes off like dead skin from the company, you will be asked (pressured, forced) to work six days or more a week. You may also find that as a "manager," you don't earn overtime (there are apparently dozens of loopholes that companies can exploit in this regard), even for your sixth and seventh consecutive day on the job.

Enjoy your experience in Glacier. Being in an incredible place will, hopefully, more than balance out a tedious, badly paid, stressful job and squalid living conditions. That's actually what the company hopes will happen. I lasted four months there simply because I loved the place. After a while, though, I wondered why the company couldn't loosen the purse strings a bit and provide decent living conditions. There were a few simple things they could have done to make our lives easier, such as, for example, doubling the number of showers from two to four for the thirty of us who needed to use them in the morning.

I fully understand that crowded, primitive living conditions are the norm for national park concessioner employees--that's why they hire college students and residents of third world countries, who are presumably more used to and thus tolerant of such conditions. A major element of how much, or even whether, you enjoy your experience is the living conditions to which you will be subjected, and your tolerance for them. I wish you luck, and urge you to explore the park as much as you are able, every chance you get. CAVEAT #2: Do so early in the season, as ALL national park employers become chronically short-staffed as the season progresses; you may find yourself working 60-hour weeks in August.




May 21-Sept. 24, Jammer Driver based out of St. Mary. I have visited Glacier 3 times but this will be my first time working there. I know GPI just purchased St. Mary so it should be a learning curve for everyone. I've done 1 summer in Yellowstone and 3 in Denali. If anyone else is going to be at St. Mary let me know.

Hey, I'll be a jammer driver out of St. Mary too! I'm getting in on May 19th by the amtrak. Yeah not too sure what st. mary's'll be like but excited none the less. Will you have a car? I'm going to be relying on others to get around so hopefully that works out.


Nice to make your virtual acquaintance Evan. I'm taking the employee shuttle from Kalispell on the 19th. No, I don't have a car but plan on using the Park shuttle to get around or the Jammer Busses when space is available. A lot of the great hiking is on the East Side anyway. As drivers, we should have a great opportunity to see plenty of the Park. Do you already have your CDL?

No I don't, so I'll have to get all the training and everything done during those first 2 weeks I think. They said something about having my Minnesota licence changed to a Montana one, so I don't really know how all that works but am planning on just getting everything figured out after I get there. 

I'm going to be at the Glacier Park Lodge -Front Desk Agent. I was wondering if employees are allowed to use the pool at the hotel (I'm assuming no)? Anyways I hear the housing is not very good, crowded and dumpy, but I'm not too picky or anything. I'd rather have better food and fast internet than a great room. 

See you in a few weeks, Cheers!


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