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I have a job in housekeeping at the snow lodge. I start April 23. Is they anyone else out there going to OF?

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Your gonna be one of the first ones there. It's great there before the crowds arrive. I was there a couple years ago with only 5 other people in the whole location. so peaceful....... Then they opened the gate. I won't be there this year unless it's just for a visit. Have a good time. Oh yea, watch for the bears, they are just waking about that time. Hope ya have a good camera.
I will be there on 02 May. Server @ Old Faithful Inn...
sorry it took me so longto answer. I will see you there. What job did you get?
I just recieved my paperwork a few days ago. Going to be sending them out this week, and calling. I will be a server as well at OFL, so feel free to give me any "heads up" or advice (as this will be my first time). I arrive May 19.
OFL is Old Faithful Lodge which is cafeteria style service, OFI is Old Faithful Inn upscale casual dinning, very nice place to work, OFS is Old Faithful Snowlodge casual dining, again very nice place to work. The chefs that run the places up there are top notch you will learn a lot from them I know I did. You might be out in the middle of Yellowstone but it is run like pretty much any place you'd work at downtown. They want you there, ready to go, and your head in the game -- because it gets busy!! Have fun the Old Faithful location is a great spot.
woops that is what I meant, OFI...
@ Adam. We'll be working together... :0). Alarm clock and camera to bring along with the basics. See ya there...
my camera never leaves my sight! lol.
Hello everyone! We got offers at Old Faithful Inn, just waiting on snail mail. Anyone know what cell service is like there? We would be living in the employee RV park, and would like to use our Verizon air card there.
that would be cool if you guys worked there, i will be close to yellowstone from may - november!
verizon.....406-222-7700 towers in livingston, mt
alltell..........307-527-7700......towers in cody, wy

thats it..
i worked at the old faithful inn last summer as a server. if anyone has any questions, shoot them my way,


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