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I was wondering if anyone has worked coldfoot in the summer as a cook or at all. Not official yet, but I think thats where I am going to be next summer. About to head to work so ill add more later.

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Ok, well a little more about me.  I am 27, and am just now getting into seasonal work. As of right now I am looking at doing it two or three seasons.  I have a year of school left, but i have been in school for year because I like to travel and live in different places. I have never been to AK and I know the place I am going is kind of extreme, but I am extremely excited about it. If anyone has been to Coldfoot please tell me everything. Also, any advice as to anything else recommended for seasonal work is appreciated. 

Oh, and I have not been in school for years because I am in grad school, it is because I travel a lot.


Here is a start for some imformation.  This will be my 4th season. I am the Dinner Buffet Cook.  It is really in the middle of no where, but in the best place possible for those circumstances.  Each year brings its own experiences and people!  I have loved it all.  There is tons of great hiking, camping, rafting, and other great outdoor opportunities.  The company takes care of its employes great and helps out when needed. 


If you have any specific questions I would be glad to help. I will get back to you on more information that I can give soon.  I am finishing up my season down south so I do not have tons of internet time.  I do enjoy cooking for the camp!  80% of the time from scratch and for the most part %100 freedom to be creative. The kitchen is busy most of the season.  It all goes fast, to fast.  For now I have to go but have a good one.

Thanks for the reply Cory.  You say this will be your fourth season, so I am assuming you will be there this coming summer?  I think I am speaking with Brett tomorrow about positions, so I will keep you updated.   Aside from the obvious, what things did you forget to bring your first summer that you wished you would have?  What about footwear?  At this point I do not really have a lot of specific questions, but any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Are there ever any chances to do over night camping in the park, or anywhere in the area really?  I am excited to see Alaska wildlife, but was wondering how much is in the area?  How is the weather in May and September as I plan to start May 1 or so and work through at least September.  Is there any chance to see the lights at in September?  Thats really all I have right now, but as I said any advice/tips would be appreciated.  Oh, this kind of goes with the camping, but is there ever two days off in a row? 

I got a job for the summer up in Coldfoot also so I understand what your feeling. Im stoked for the job though the Brooks Range is a huge obsession of mine. I have wanted a job like this for years this time I just happened to get lucky!

Just make sure you bring all of your gear if you plan on going out for camping trips or outings.  This is including your tent, sleeping bag/pad, rain gear/jackets, and if you have them treking poles help sometimes.  This last summer was very very very rainy.  There was not much of a summer. Will it be like this again? Who knows.  Just Make sure you have water proof boots and gear.  Even though it will be summer there will still be some cooler temperature ranges.  You will sleep outside in the awesome tents that they provide for housing, but you will sleep out there in september.  Often times it was 35 as the low at night.  Make sure you have a nice sleeping bag.

You can go camping every night! You are in the middle of no where. The only services for 250 miles in every direction. Walk a mile and your in a camping spot.  There are always great opportunities to go out and about. 

In May there still will be some snow out and about. If I remember right we got snow in may.  The mountains may still have snow, but Spring comes quick!  You can see lights in September yes!  There are times where you get two days off in a row.


Hope this helps a little

When I applied to Coldfoot in Nov 2010, hoping to work there for the Summer 2011 I got rejected within less then 24 hours. I just applied this week hoping to work there this year and I have not heard back from them. I am hoping that the longer wait to hear from them is a good thing but I will call them on Tuesday.

Thanks again for the responses Cory.  I look forward to meeting both you and Jacob in a few months.  I am getting more excited as the days pass.  I can not wait to get up there and explore.

Sunni, good luck.  I applied at the beginning of December.  I was offered a job at the end of December, and im still not 100 percent sure on dates and a few things.  I think everything is going to be finalized in a few weeks, but it has been kind of a long process.  I understand though, because of its remoteness they want to make sure they have the right people.  Again, good luck, and I hope to see you up there this summer.  

I'm hoping to work at Coldfoot this year. I applied about four years ago, was hired and then had a family emergency. Kind of got sucked into the whole corporate life and realized it's really not for me. So I've reapplied. Had my first phone interview already - hoping to hear from Brett in the next week and a half or so!

Hope to see you there!


Hello Erin.  I am in a somewhat similar situation.  Ive been in school and working, but I am at a point of uncertainty.  If I like this seasonal thing I may do it for sometime to come, or I may realize I am ready to start on a different path and just have the memories of spending 2012 in the Alaska wild.  Right now, the idea of living, working, and enjoying new people, places and things is real appealing.  I just may do it for some time to come.  Anyways, I hope to see you there, and good luck where ever you end up.  Keep hope with Coldfoot.  There were days I felt like there was no progression towards a job there, but it is happening.  Just slowly. 

I know it's a process. I was told it would be about two weeks and it's only been five days so I know it'll be a little bit longer. Just got to wait and see and have patience. I'm hoping as they've already hired me once there won't be too many issues - but it's always possible I put my foot in my mouth in the interview. At any rate - you are correct. Sounds like we are both in about the same situation. The seasonal work as a lifestyle definitley has it's appeal. Just need to make sure I've got the rose-colored glasses off before I jump completely off the edge!

So do you have your dates lined up yet? Nailed down a job? Or is it still up in the air?

I have been offered a position at Coldfoot from Brett about two weeks ago, but he said he would call back at the end of the month, beginning of February with specific position in the kitchen and specific dates.  What are you applying for there?  My birthday is the 28th, so it would be awesome if he called on that date.  I feel like I am going to be the oldest there, turning 28 in a couple weeks.  Haha, it is okay though. 


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