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I was wondering if anyone has worked coldfoot in the summer as a cook or at all. Not official yet, but I think thats where I am going to be next summer. About to head to work so ill add more later.

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I've applied for server, baker, and prep cook. But honestly - I'd take any job. I'm not normally like that but I REALLY want to work there. I let my parents convince me otherwise after my grandfather died and I've kicked myself since. But hopefully that will change. 

And (hopefully) you'll have at least one person older there - I turned 28 back in November. :)

The crowd of people varys. No worries. 

Just keep interested and you two should be fine.  It took a while when I was in the process too!  The people in the office are very busy getting ready for the summer. Ill be up in mid to late april

Hey Cory, I had another question. If given the opportunity, is it possible to stay through thw winter, or year round? Has anyone stayed summer to winter or winter to summer? Also, what is the bear situation like in the area? Are we allowed to bring a firearm with us? If so, are there special rules for Coldfoot, or just Alaskan laws? Would you recomend a firearm? Has anyone brought one while you worked there? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I finally got my rejection from Coldfoot Camp:

Thank you very much for your interest in the summer work opportunities available in Alaska's Arctic. The unique seasonal work experience offered by Sukakpak makes the process of determining those applicants most likely to derive both enjoyment and success from a season of work in Alaska's Arctic a challenging exercise. Additionally, this year's applicant pool is remarkably strong making the selection process both competitive and extremely difficult.

In light of the many outstanding applicants, we are unable to offer you an interview at this time. However, please know that the pleasure of having met you via your application was all ours.

Thank you again for your interest.

Im sorry to hear Sunni. Maybe it is just not in the cards. Have you applied anywhere else in AK?

I applied to there a couple of years ago and then called them about a week after I sent in my application. They asked me a few questions and then told me that they would get back to me about an interview. I got an email similar to Sunni's but it also said they did not think I would be the right fit for employment up there. I don't know how they came to that conclusion without interviewing me but I guess you can't have every job you want.

I got the job! Headed to Coldfoot as a server! So excited. Now I need to pack! HEE HEE HEE!!!!!!

Congrats on the job! See you soon!

Do you know what server shift you will be working?

Sorry I could have sworn I replied but I guess not. Short answer is no I do not. Brett said he'll decide after he talks to the returning co-workers and go from there. I do know I leave in three weeks to go to Deadhorse for two months first. So I'll be up to Coldfoot around the 10th of May! See you then!

Im speaking with him tomorrow about dates, and possibly coming up mid to late March, so I might see you in Deadhorse.  Either way I'll see you in Coldfoot this summer.  Congrats on getting the job.  Im freaking out on what to bring.  I know what I need, but I am more worried about over packing.


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