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I'm headed that way in a week. I got a job with Xanterra as a pubtender in the employee bar. I'm really excited to get there but getting a little discouraged by all the negative feedback i've read about how Xanterra treats its employees on various boards. The person who hired me seemed very nice.

I'll be staying in Grant Village. Any advice/feedback would be awesome. Thanks!

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Oh also, it's my first time to Yellowstone!
Pubtender is one of the better jobs in Jellystone....go for it. If you see Sarah, tell her Scott from Alaska said Hi (she is a lead pubtender). But Alaska is soooo much better than Jellystone.... I hope you make it up here on your seasonal travels. You won't regret it.... :0)
Hi Emily .... on the positive side Grant Village has the newest housing of all the areas in Yellowstone, so hopefully you'll enjoy that part. Also Grant has cell phone service which is a plus. And Grant is closest to the Grand Tetons (which is a favorite place to visit of mine). I think for the short season left that you will enjoy yourself!
Hi Emily,

I work at Grant Village at the front desk. I have no complaints. You need a car to get anywhere though. Everything is very spread out. My friends all have cars so it hasn't been a problem for me.

You're coming at a good time since the weather has been glorious. When I arrived it was snowy and rainy.

I don't have a car but I'm sure it'll work out. I'm excited to get away from the heat here in Texas. Next month is actually the hottest month averaging over 100 degrees.

Well I guess I"ll see you very soon! Do you ever go to the employee pub?
Grant is a special place. I think you'll enjoy the pub too. Welcome!
Cool! Say hi if you see me working!
I'm surprised Xan is still hiring .I guess it is mid season though.Man 3 more months until i get out here lol . As Aggie Grant is one of the better places to work / live probably no wifi service but at least cell . I work DNC and they have been descent to us here , the only real bad I have is the wifi here .Crappiest ever. Once you get there and start working just do your best and stay on every ones good side and stay out of the party crowd the best you and you should fine ..Enjoy the park when you get here !
Well... I applied back in May... a little late in the season and they said they had to hiring periods. I missed the first one. Anyway what do you do in the park? I'm glad to meet people on this website. Definitely will be in touch with everyone I've met who also are working in Grant.

Oh and I don't think I'll be wanting to hang out at the pub on my nights off since I'll be working there! haha. Will probably just want to camp as much as possible.
We acutually do have wifi at Grant although it's not very fast. As far as the dorm, it might be the best in the park. That's debatable I suppose but it's nicer than what I've seen at the other locations. Your pub lead is one the coolest people in the village... Very laid back here at Grant. The guests stay here but play elsewhere. Old is just up the road. The Tetons are close by. It really is the best in my humble opinion :)
Hey Emily, I work for DNC at Old Faithful. Stay excited, haven't been to Grant yet but maybe I'll drive over and have a look today. My first time working in the Park, luv it here. Where else can you go for a walk and take a pic of buffalo, elk, moose and my favorite the marmot. The Xanterra employees I've met seem happy and the roomates I've had one older one international who wanted to room with her twin were nice. Hope to meet you soon.
i work at canyon its a nice park i go to to the xanterra pub once inawile i have worked for for xanterra before its a good company they treat you better then dnc whre ia am at


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