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Anyone taken the bus to Bozeman, MT or any long distance location?

I was debating whether or not to fly, drive or take Greyhound to Bozeman in June. I am going to work at Yellowstone. Is Greyhound reliable because according to their website, (correct me if I am wrong) if you miss a connecting bus they say tough luck and you have to find your own transportation, regardless of why the bus is late. I have little time to afford if a bus is late and causes me to miss a connector bus. I like the fact that greyhound is fairly inexpensive but need to know if it is reliable. By the way I am coming from CA and will have to have 3 connector buses in order to get to Bozeman. Are the buses comfortable? What is my best option?

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Thank you everyone so much, you guys are too funny! I do feel better about the reliability now and will definitely be considering it. I really appreciate it!
Hello Rachel, I took the greyhound bus from West Virginia to Great Falls Montana in 2007. It was by far cheaper than flying. The bus in ok if your not very tall as there is little room for people who are over 6 feet tall. It was a 3 day trip on the way out and two days on the way back. Connections were not a problem as there was ample time on all of my buses and the terminals are not that big to navigate.

Some of the lag time between buses on the way out to Montana allowed me to hike and explore chicago, Denver and Pittsburgh. While others were sitting around the terminal i took my backpack and did a hike and had a nice lunch. So that was kool. But the buses are not the most comfortable. That's a for sure thing. I met a guy on one leg of the trip and we would watch each others posessions while the other used the restroom or just went for a walk, people seemed more friendly and sociable on the buses than flying. It was like we were all on a journey together, it was definitly more of an adventure taking the greyhound across country as opposed to flying. Hope this helps.

I'm hoping to ship my stuff ahead and only take a duffle bag with me on the bus. I have learned a lot of tricks from people who travel all the time for business some of them lockup their suitcases and ship them UPS. It sure beats trying to keep up with them during transfers etc. I really just want to travel very light and not have to stress about stuff. I may showup at yellowstone with the clothes on my back the way I'm feeling about things these day.
Kimberly..... Seriously... KISS principle. I am happy doing what I want because of it... Think about the materialistic stuff. All replaceable.... go for it!!! All us Jellystoners will hang with you...promise,..... Akscootr. Quit worrying :0 :) :) :)
Thank you everyone for all of the feedback! It is great!
I may be an old bum, but I have some good advice about Greyhound buses.
If you want to sleep, you MUST have a window seat. Otherwise you will continually sway into either the aisle or the person next to you, waking you up every 15 seconds. You will want to kill yourself while having to sleep hunched forward with your head on your knees in the aisle seat.
And you gotta have a pillow of some sort at the window seat because of the bumps and many bus vibrations will make you bump your head too many times to sleep.
Most important, when you first get on the bus, there are almost always a set of 2 or 4 seats in the middle with more leg room than any others. Try to pick those out quickly.
If you miss a connector bus, all you have to do is wait a few hours for the next one to come through. At any point you can get off for a day or two and resume the trip later. I was forced to do this a few times for trying to smuggle on booze. I always got back on track, no problem. Just make sure your bags didn't go without you.
Smugglin' booze...I like your style, Nick.


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