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Anyone out there who has worked Bryce Canyon recently, particularly at the Lodge? I would love to hear your experience with dorm housing and/or as an employee. This is one of my options for this summer.

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Housing is  not the worst that dorm style living has to offer in most parks. Walking distance to work. Two to a room normally with up to 4 and a common bath shared between rooms so between 4-8 people. What job you taking there??

I worked at Bryce Canyon for 2 1/2 seasons. What a beautiful place to be, and so much to see in so little time. You have Zion and you have the north rim. Wow!!! Breath taking. I must say I love Zion I have never seen something so beautiful mind blowing.
Planning on joining the staff there this season too. Would love more pros and cons!


Apparently I am coming too. Spoke to an hr rep last night. I too would like to learn more
March 15th is when I arrive. I have friends in Phoenix. Ideally would like to hang there for a few days, before heading to Vegas and taking the bus to cedar park Reach out


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