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Has anyone worked in Maine Acadia NP?  I'd like to work there next summer and escape this Texas heat!

Sande ;o)

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I've worked in Bar Harbor, Maine, which is the closest city to the park.  It's right outside of it actually.  I very much enjoyed working there.  The scenery is amazing.  There were times I would goto the top of Cadillac Mountain, and just soak it all in.  Looking down on the Porcupine Islands from that summit has a special place in my memory.  If I had a rough day at work (one of those places right there on the water in Bar Harbor), I'd go up there to unwind, and by the time I came back down, I'd feel so much better.  I liked going for what I call woodsey cruises on the Park Loop Road too in Acadia NP.  That also has an amazing calming effect.  The town itself has lots of restaurants and tourist type stores.  With the exception of a Subway, there are no major chains there, which I think is nice.  Since I worked in town, I got to go on the boat rides for free, which I always did on my days off.  You just have to make sure you bring a recent check stub with you to prove you work there, but they got very familiar with my face lol.  I went back there for a second season a few years ago, but due to a family member getting really sick, I had to return shortly after.  I still want to go back again.  It's an amazing place to me.  If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to buy one of those huge mansions that they call cottages up there.  Did you have any specific questions?

Thanks for the post!  I was wondering about internet access up there?  I plan to bring my laptop to keep touch with family and stuff.  I know IHOP, Starbucks, etc usually offer free wifi in case the National Park doesn't.  The state of Texas has has internet free at the libaries, do you know where to go in Maine?  Thanks for some great ideas...I'll save them and plan to put in applications in January to work end of May until end of September next summer.


Hi, thanks for the post!  Did you enjoy the work?  What positions did you hold?  I've worked office and retail in my careers.  How many hours a week did you work and where did you stay?  I was thinking about the dorms.

Hi, where did you stay?  was it in the dorms and how where they?  Thanks

Thanks Brendan, I'm hoping to work retail and stay at the apartments at Bar Harbor...did you live there?  How was it?  I asked about internet and was told there was some available.  Do you know where they have it there in the city?  Thanks for all your help! 

I loved living in Bar Harbor, under the shadow of Cadillac cool.  My employer there provided housing...which was an interesting experience....shared a big old house with a lot of Jamaicans...the house swayed a bit when there were strong winds, and you could see that the house was sinking, since the cement basement floor was protruding into the air...had long since cracked and was nearly verticle lol...kinda funny but not funny.

If you haven't set up housing yet, I strongly recommend looking for an apartment now.  By March, there might not be any left, even before the season starts.  When I was in that house, I shared the cost of high speed cable internet, which wasn't too expensive.  I only had a desktop then, so I can't tell ya where any free wifi spots are.  There is an internet cafe in town, but they charge per every ten minutes....which gets expensive if you go there regularly.

If you can't find an apartment in Bar Harbor due to either cost or availability, if you have a vehicle, you might want to check out Ellsworth, Maine, which is about 20 miles away, which is the nearest "large" town.  I do hope you find a decent place to live in town, since it's such an amazing place to stay.

Thanks Brendan for the response.  I'm applying with the Acadia corporation to work in national park group, they have dorms inside the park and apartments outside in Bar Harbor with the retail stores (which I'd prefer to work at).  

I've just got a laptop that I had planned to bring and will be driving from Texas...long drive (38 hours if I stay off the toll roads!).  I've got family near Tenn and NYC, so will probably make stops there on the way.  I'm retired state worker, so got lots of time to do road trips.


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