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OK .... I am getting serious!  Just submitted my first job app for Alaska (Kenai Cache in Cooper Landing).   I am waiting for CIRI to open their web site to new employee applications - it's restricted to returnees right now.  Anyone know of other Kenai Peninsula employers that are accepting apps for next summer?   Let me know!

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Wow, Aggie, I'm impressed. Weird, though, last night I drempt that I was going to Alaska to work!

I'm calling Yellowstone Monday, I guess, seems really early to be applying, am I wrong?

I applied on September 22 for Xanterra at Yellowstone next summer. I called the Human Resources Department and was told they were already reviewing applications for next summer. They even have it posted on their website to apply now and beat the crowd. They said they would have most of next summers jobs filled by mid December for the summer of 2011.
Thanks Leo for the heads up. Guess I'll call HR and be sure my file is in order before applying, I have a few specific things in mind, or else I'll look else where.

Also, thanks Jeremy for the info on DNC / Xannterra comparison. Message me if you have anything you would like to share without posting to the board, OK?

thanks everyone
If Xanterra is accepting applications, I would go ahead and submit one. All the returnees have probably already applied, so you'll have some company. Hey, maybe that dream was telling you that you need to come to Alaska next summer! I still haven't tried your cooking :-)

Congrats on getting your application in. I am sure you will land a great job in Alaska =:)
I can't believe you guys are already looking ahead at next summer for a job and winter hasn't even started let alone ended.I know that early bird gets the worm but in Oct applying already ? Leo , I would hold of on going with Xan they are just horrible in Yellowstone and go with DNC a lot better IMO . despite a ton more jobs it is just more worse with Xan . Good luck on the AK summer Aggie , I would like to get over there sometime in the near future.But first I gotta travel the states / east coast .I've been all over the west . I'm thinking CO for Mid / late winter job in the snow ! Dunno yet . So many choices lol .
Jeremy .... here's my excuse...I'll be in New Zealand in January so had to decide whether to apply early or late to these places. I figured early would be a better strategy. At least the employers know I am anxious to get an opportunity to work up north! We'll see if anything comes my way. As for Leo .... I thought he was going to school? Sounds like he is majoring in Coolworks 101!
Hey everyone,

Yes Aggie, I am in college, but I don't plan on taking summer classes, so I am looking for a summer job n a National Park to enjoy my summer. =:)
Keni cache is a nice little spot, Colin is a super good guy. And they even have new housing. It is right next to gwins, but other than that it's in an amazing location. Literally a stones throw from the keni. Lots of bears around. Good luck. I have pictures on my profile.
Really nice pictures! Makes me want to get up there even more!
Well since I'm thinking Alaska also for next summer, maybe follow your lead and also apply there Aggie
Anywhere in Alaska will be awesome. Look at other places nearby Kenai such as Girdwood, Homer and Seward. It is getting nice and snowy now... :0)


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