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OK .... I am getting serious!  Just submitted my first job app for Alaska (Kenai Cache in Cooper Landing).   I am waiting for CIRI to open their web site to new employee applications - it's restricted to returnees right now.  Anyone know of other Kenai Peninsula employers that are accepting apps for next summer?   Let me know!

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Anne .... it would be really great if we could find jobs close together....I would have a built in hiking partner!
I looked at Alaska Travel Adventures. I am having trouble picking the three jobs .... Customer Service Rep sounds good, but the other two I am unsure of. Is it very difficult to obtain an Alaska CDL in order to be a driver? Will they train you? Are any of the guide positions suitable to an older and bolder type?
Hey, they do train you for the CDL. They have training spots in the lower 48 as well as in AK.
Good luck aggie, sounds like an awesome adventure if you get hired on!
cool, let me know where your gonna be. I'll for the first time be on the other side of the scene. I'm riding my m/c/ to bellingham then gonna ferry to alaska and ride around up there for ten days, then back the route I came.
Looks as if CIRI has closed their web site for the winter :-) They have a notice posted that "No jobs are available. Try again later" Guess this means that it is too early to be applying for next least I hope that is what this means. If anyone notices when they begin accepting apps again, Please let me know!
I have had no problem applying for jobs from CIRI. I already sent app out for researching Kenai Wilderness Lodge.
yeah .... I tried again a few days ago and got my app submitted. Waiting for THE phone call (if it ever comes).
Now that's a problem for me...I have no phone
Just applied for my FIRST "Smokey the Bear" job with the NPS in Sitka AK. This is not exactly what I originally had in mind, but I would definitely consider it if they happen to pick me for the job. Besides, I think I would look very distinguished in the hat and uniform :-)
I'm on usajobs now looking for something in AK. Found a bunch of food server worker jobs on military bases around Anchorage & Fairbanks.


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