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Applied with CIRI - my eggs are pretty much in one basket!

I really want to find a job with CIRI on the Kenai Peninsula!   I am hoping they hire both young and old alike, as I know I would do a great job for them given the opportunity.   I just sent in my application, so now the waiting game begins.

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good luck
LOL, join the group, Aggie,the Eggs In One Basket Group !
I'm hoping for Yellowstone management in F&B, lower, mid, whatever. If that doesn't work, I'll be looking elsewhere, I guess. Until I hear No from them (mid december, they said) I'll wait it out.

Good luck, they will be lucky to have you!
dont know if your interested carol but at the canyon in yellowstone with dnc there will be a lead position possible a fountain supervisor postion ( not sure if they will bring that job back) or stay with 2 leads for a 90 seat 50's style diner. i lead last year but am not going to this year im serving
so i know there open. if interested i can give u all the details:)) good luck
I also sent in apps for CIRI~for Seward & Talkeetna. Still undecided if I want to also apply for retail sales job at Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge....not sure if I want to work in a gift shop.
A gift shop position would definitely not be my first choice, but would be better than not going at all. So we will see...
yeah, gift shop work didn't sound like something I would enjoy either...I just found a "boat Cleaner" job, which would be a totally new experience but have a feeling that might be a back-breaker.
*Gasp* Why no love for the gift shop?!? :) It's a fabulous way to spend the season - no one yells at you because their room wasn't ready on time, or because the food wasn't well-prepared, or because they were stupid and didn't book their tour in time, and now it's sold out... It's usually fast-paced, so you don't get bored too often, and time flies by; the hours/schedules are pretty regular, so you know how many hours you'll be getting, and when you'll have off. Of course, the trade-off is that you probably will not earn tips in retail. But I love it - been doing it for 5 years now. How can I convince you that the gift shop is way better than a consolation prize? :)
Hey TS .... I see your point and do agree with most of it. I worked in a General Store in Yellowstone and had a fabulous summer, so if I have to work retail in Alaska I am certain it will be just fine. I wanted to try a tour desk type job just to do something different, and to get an opportunity to interact even more with the visitors. I really enjoyed that part of my experience in Yellowstone. But if retail is what I am destined to do, I'll do it gladly and with enthusiasm.
What is CIRI? sounds stupid but i don't know what it might stand for.. I would really love to work somewhere in Alaska this spring.. Been a dream of mind to visit for a long time,, now coolworks will hopefully make it possible to work and enjoy.. Not much experience so hard to find a job that fits.. I so want this to be the year.. life is getting shorter, oh that's right i'm getting older...
It took some digging, but here ya go ...

Cook Inlet Region Incorporated (CIRI)

I think it is a company made up primarily of native indian tribes in the area around Cook Inlet, but someone else who really knows would have to confirm that. I have read that they are a wonderful company to work for.
its an alaska native cooperation
There really is no spring up here. We have three seasons. Winter, break-up, and "summer".


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