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Applied with CIRI - my eggs are pretty much in one basket!

I really want to find a job with CIRI on the Kenai Peninsula!   I am hoping they hire both young and old alike, as I know I would do a great job for them given the opportunity.   I just sent in my application, so now the waiting game begins.

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CIRI has 3 locations that seem good (well haven't done much checking in the Whittier area) but I like the looks of Seward & Talkeetna.

Anything from Barback, cocktail server, tour desk, Hostesss/cashier and I forget at this moment if Whittier had a job called Dock Rep or if that was another job with a different company.
CIRI is the company I worked for this past summer. In Seward you have the choice of the Seward Windsong Lodge(best restaurant in Seward), or The Kenai Fjords Tours... which are day trips out on the water to see the glaciers and marine life. The lodge has pretty much any position you could imagine in hospitality... kitchen, front of the house, bar, housekeeping, transportation. The boat tours are just customer service related.... reservations inland, then on the water you have a few team members who assist passengers and serve up some sandwiches and snacks. Not a full kitchen or staff available on the boat tours. These positions pay less than the lodge.

This summer I worked in the kitchen as the swing shift line cook. Two days breakfast cook, two days lunch cook, 1 day prep cook. I do have to say though, that I applied to CIRI last winter, and the response I got was that all the positions were filled with returning employees. I never even got an interview. I had other intentions for the summer when I went to Seward for the summer... and when my plans fell through once I got there, I started looking around town for a job. I got lucky when Windsong Lodge posted for a breakfast cook position on craigslist. I was the first to apply, and I got hired after a short phone interview. The crew was super cool, and I loved everyone I worked with, which is rare. The chef was also super cool and mellow.... unlike most chefs I've worked for. They also have some of the best and cheapest employee housing... $4 a day, and you share a cabin with one other person. No dorms. You can also survive without a car, as they have a shuttle service that leaves every half hour from the lodge into town. I think only myself and a few others had a car. I actually didn't live in employee housing, as I had a cat... so I lived at a hostel about 2 miles away from the lodge. So that is another option as well if you are in a similar situation. I will say, I was one of the oldest employees at 39 years old. Most of the staff was in their mid-to late 20's.

The other CIRI link I know about is the TaLkeetna Lodge, which is supposed to be just like the Seward Windsong Lodge... our sister lodge. Same positions available, but in Talkeetna. Might be less rainy there. It rained in Seward for about two months straight, so be prepared if that's where you are headed. It's on the coast and it's in the middle of a rainforest, so it's what you'd expect. It was also a steady 50-55 degrees all summer in Seward.... a bit cooler than in Anchorage or Talkeetna, which are much more inland. Something else to consider.

Like I said, I never even got an interview last year.... so apply early!! If anyone does got hired on, please get in touch, because I probably will be going back next year, if I don't decide upon somewhere in Maine. Always could use help with gas, travel, etc.

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to email me and I will be happy to talk with you further. Also, check out my pictures of Seward, might help with a visual! More pictures on my facebook page than on here... stitchinchristen... if you want to check it out....

Good luck!
Thanks for the newsy note .... it is full of great information! I am older than you and probably older than most folks they hire, but I still want to work for CIRI if I get the chance. I think I could be a great tour rep or sales associate for them ... I can relate really well to customers my age! I had a great time working in Yellowstone, and I'm sure it would be the same in Seward. I grew up in Portland Oregon so I know exactly what the weather is like in the Pacific Northwest ... I know cold & rain. If I get a job confirmation early enough then I definitely plan to drive up in my truck, and take the Ferry to Whittier from Bellingham (depending on reporting date). Hopefully I'll see ya up there!
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck, aggie. Alaska will be amazing for you! :)
Hey New! Really nice hearing from you. Do you have any seasonal work plans on the horizon? Never heard much about your crater lake adventure ..... must have been quite a trip for a NY girl :-) Let me know how you are doing.
I added an application for Kenai Wilderness Lodge with Princess. Figured I better get my name in with one of the seasonal employment "big boys" in Alaska! Kari...if ya see this pull some strings for me :-) I applied for the Tour Desk Manager, Gift Shop Manager, and Tour Desk Clerk positions (in that order).
who's old Aggie??????
Hey ... point well taken Ms. Miller ... you are as old as you feel .... so I kinda go between 12 and 80 depending upon circumstances :-)


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