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As the 2013 summer season winds down, 2014 applications are being filled out.


I know the summer season for 2013 just ended, but I am curious to know where people plan on working next summer. I just got off the phone moments ago, and have my job for the summer of 2014 locked up. I will be an ATV guide with Denali ATV in Healy, Alaska, (Denali National Park) from May 7, 2014 through September 25, 2014. Has anyone else started applying yet? Where are some places people are thinking about working next summer?

Anyone thinking about working in Denali National Park, please join the 2014 Denali National Park Employees page on Facebook I started by clicking on the following link:

Aggie will be an admin on the page because he knows a lot about the park and spent this past summer there as a Park Ranger and Kari (Q) is a member of the group as well and have spent time in Denali.

I look forward to reading about your plans as you get ready to spend the summer of 2014 in an amazing location with amazing people as you have another summer adventure of a lifetime! Good luck with the job search everyone.



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Just starting to look closer at some places.  Really won't make it narrower until the beginning of the year.  So not in any specific order:

Island Inn, Monhegan Island, Maine

Acadia National Park

Lighthouse Inn, Cape Cod

Shenandoah National Park

Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio

And they're trying hard to get me to return for a 3rd AWA summer...have not totally ruled it out, but most likely it's time to try something new

hey  Keith I used to work at cedar point  working in tolls back in 2007 I was thinking about  Shenandoah  and  Acadia too for next year . been thinking about and researching other places too. #1 on  my list is grand Teton and  Sigmal well see what  happens

I've worked in amazing place.  I've worked at two places right on the waterfront of Frenchman Bay in Bar Harbor.  There is all the typical touristy type things there, but there is also plenty of opportunity for exploration in the park.  The Park Loop Rd drive is one of the nicest woodsy cruises I've driven.  There are many people who refer to it as "Spark Loop Rd," but that's another story.  I only wish that one day I could afford to retire in the Bar Harbor area.  People who work in Bar Harbor get to go on free boat rides.  I went on all of them more than once.  Thunder Hole is quite the spot too, if you get there at the right time of tide.

Good luck on your search.

Normally Leo, I'd say it's a bit early for me to start looking for summer work, as I don't usually start that search until around the beginning of December, but I already have a pre-hire from Roehl, and I'm due to start the RDTC program in April after I leave Utah.

An Alaska ATV guide?  Now that sounds adventurous.  I imagine you're going to have to get half a dozen different certifications to do that, but what an experience, right?

thinking about Denali but since Holland American tool over the chalets I don't know  


You could apply with Aramark or one of the smaller companies in Denali. I think being in Denali will be an experience of a lifetime.

I work for Aramark for three seasons  there in denali



How did you like working for Aramark? How was it working in Denali? Is Denali as incredible as Yellowstone? How was the housing in Denali? Where there a ton of park employees? As many as Yellowstone?  Any information about Denali would be appreciated. I started a 2014 Denali National Park employees page on Facebook ok? Check it out.  I am looking forward to being an ATV guide. It will be a great job in an amazing place! 

Denali has no where near the numbers of employees...but it also has no where near the number of visitors.  Yellowstone has around 3 million visitors and growing...Denali is around 400,000 and it's heyday (500,000 to just shy of 600,000) was the mid-80s to mid-90s.  Housing-Employee food varies a lot in Denali...from pretty nice dorms to shantytowns to tents and finding your own housing and EDR programs to scavenging food on your own.  If food is on your own prepare for major sticker shock and limited choices in Denali-Healy...a little less if you make the treks to Fairbanks.  What did your company tell you about housing-food?


Thanks for sharing this info. Will you also post this and other info on the Facebook page? 2014 Denali National Park Employees? Thanks!



To early to decide for me, take it day by day and I am sure that something will pan out. The winters are my season and I am living for today!


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