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I am in my 50's and have a very diversified and good work record. I've been in various degrees of management and have good skills. However, I have a felony on my record that is over 30 years old, when I was young & extremely stupid. Does anyone think that would be held against me if I apply to any of these companies that advertise on CoolWorks? Some of them say on their application that they do background checks. Does anyone know if they just run background checks for the last 10-15 years, or will they run your whole adult life? Any help would be appreciated. It appears the seasonal business is a tight business and word would get out quickly. I am an honest, dependable person. Thanks to all who can answer.

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I think it depends on what kind of felony you committed and how it may pertain to the position you are applying for. I don't know what your felony was, but the guy I interviewed for my job with said they were more concerned with felonies like violent crimes, theft (embezzlement), etc. I think if you're upfront about it and have good references/work history, you will still have a good shot at a job even if it comes up on a background check since it was so long ago and you have accomplished so much since. I think the length of the background check prob varies from company to company.
Do they do the background check before they send you the contract or upon arrival?
well, to be honest with you, from my experience with my coworkers, i wouldn't be surprised if maybe 1 out of 20 had a felony on their record. i have met some pretty cool ex felons in the park who are either born again or very sorry for what they did.

if your felony was 30 years ago i think you're fine. just curious, what was it?
I have my contract already to begin at the end of the month does that mean the background check has already been completed or do they do one upon arrival? just curious. Because I have an old charge I am afraid they may hold against me. I would rather know now than make the trip and embarrass myself with being rejected and escorted to the gate.
they should of did it before but as long as u disclosed it on your app it will not be a problem!
have fun, where u going? what u doing for work and who u working for?
as long sa you disclose it if the application asks you will be fine but do not leave it off that will get you disqualified
not really they need bodys my stepdaughter has an felony aramark was going to offer her an contract in housekeeping
NJL, I would do a background check on myself to see what your records shows. There are many places you can go to do this and they are not expensive unless you are looking for what is often called an "executive level" background check. Go to
and read a bit about background checks and then order one for yourself if you feel so inclined.

Sometimes 20 year old felonies are not even included in background checks. Also some employers will not consider things that long ago. Unfortunately others do. You must make up your mind at the outset and depending on what your background checks show whether you wish to reveal this information upfront to a prospective employer
Jackie is def right. the best thing that you can do is be up front and honest on your application check yes and explain throughly what it was and when it occurred. If it comes up on a background check and it was not on your app. they will toss it. SO be honest and you will be fine. I made bad decisions in college too and they haven't effected my positions in the seasonal world.

Good Luck!
I can tell you this: Xanterra only checks the county information you give based upon current residence. Specifically, they check the county and the next closest county in which you live. That's it! No FBI, state, etc... Only the county in which you currently live and the next closest to it.

It simply costs too much to do a detailed check.

I worked security last season in Yellowstone and I can tell you from experience, the Park is full of ex-cons and felons.
in 2003 xanterra at yellowstone checked mine and came up with old stuff from another state than which I live( I'm from Ohio, the warrants were from Indiana). I was promptly turned over to the rangers who took me right out of the kitchen ,removed from the park by marshals and sent all the way to Indiana. I was hired back by Xanterra two years later tho. just let them know up front.
I've also worked for DNC at yosemite, forever resorts and bull frog marina was honest with them and hired
they were probably looking to fire people because they over hired, and needed to thin the crowd a little. stuff like this happens all the time, but i've never heard of this kind of thing occurring.


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