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I am in my 50's and have a very diversified and good work record. I've been in various degrees of management and have good skills. However, I have a felony on my record that is over 30 years old, when I was young & extremely stupid. Does anyone think that would be held against me if I apply to any of these companies that advertise on CoolWorks? Some of them say on their application that they do background checks. Does anyone know if they just run background checks for the last 10-15 years, or will they run your whole adult life? Any help would be appreciated. It appears the seasonal business is a tight business and word would get out quickly. I am an honest, dependable person. Thanks to all who can answer.

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told ya so... i remember a pedophile or two in there...
As a follow-up: I do not think international applicants undergo any type of security check. There is no way for it to be done. Certainly, not cheaply.

I know of a person who was arrested last season who had several outstanding warrants from another state! Also, the random drug test aren't much of a deal either. Only one person I know was selected for testing. However, if you are suspected of illegal drug usage you can be tested on the spot. Never saw that happen either.

The truth is, the Parks are usually so hard up for bodies the managing companies willfully turn their heads to a great deal. Especially, if you are in F&B or Housekeeping. Amazingly, the Park guest are oblivious to this (for the most part) and things manage to get done.
Don't dispute the fact that internationals go through a mountainload of paperwork to get here nor that it is expensive travel. It is all that. But Xanterra (can't speak for other companies) just doesn't have the resources to do extensive checks. I know from being on the inside and got this directly from a Park Ranger (who carried off many of the malcontents to Mammoth!).

Going through customs is not that big a deal. Getting a Visa isn't either. The original question was what type of checks are done on Park employees. The answer is, not that much.

Having said all this, I would disclose a felony on your application, if applicable, because if you don't and it comes to light later you most certainly will get fired. But, the process for discovering a person's criminal past is greatly flawed. Really, about the only way it would come out is if there was some interaction with Park Rangers who then had cause to run their own check. They are VERY thorough!!! They won't miss a thing.
Howdy ! I'm 64 & my felony was commited in " 63 ". I've gotten jobs off Cool Works since 2000. I'm upfront about my past. I have a DANM GOOD resume & references. My feeling is " their loss is my gain ". Then you look at their turnover of help and you think maybe I really didn't want to work there anyway. All the apt. maintenance jobs I find in www. & have applied for I recently found out they do background checks. Go with your gut feeling . I can pass any piss,hair or bowel test any time of the day. So sometimes I just avoid places the fron apon teenage mistakes. Take care
I have misdemeanor charges for stupid stuff, will that cause me any issues, any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

they shouldn't hold that against you,you have changed from what was back then.i got friends that got a felony each on their records from 15 years ago,but they want hire them in no park that they have applied for,they were young back then those years ago and don't act up nomore in that matter.year 2008 and 2009 at yellowstone,there were a couple guys who came outthere for work,1 was in kitchen crew and the other was in housekeeping and they was told they had to leave because of their back ground checks.they were there only 2 weeks working.they was looking at their records from yrs ago when they were young,20 yrs ago is a long time,people changed since then but the ones who was doing the hiring thought it was not good.these 2 men came all the way to yellowstone and was turned away,lotta money getting outthere and packing things up.i hope u can get on with a company soon.check out forever resorts too and they got some in the tetons in wyoming,and delaware north is hiring right now,xanterra too.

I have already sent my contract in and have no felonies on my record, nothing violent or anything like that.
I start may the 5th, the website just says felonies and warrants

they mostly be talking about felonies,some had them when they came to yellowstone,what u have isn't bad,there r workers there have what u i want be in lake this year,but i'm visiting when i set up my days off,i like the lodge and lake's hotel.i will be at old faithful lodge.

aston,i work with ones who got or had misdemeanors from yellowstone,some was in court but i dont know if they had felonies,i didn't hang out with them,i dont know them to well.but i gotta check in myself on may 5th at gardiner,yep it will be a very tiresom day for us all.i booked me a room in bozeman on may 4th too.they give xanterra workers discount specials,auh dont i hate traveling for 30 hours,get rest first b4 i leave for ys.

So misdemeanors won't keep me from staying? I have a hotel in bozeman on the 4th as well. I have to catch a cab to the bus station cause I waited to long to book a room. Are you working at the lake again?

hey ashton,i gotta set up me a cab to greyhound on may 5th too,imma be at blue sky hotel that is 2 blocks r so from the bus station.i wasn't lucky this year getting a room on the side or across the street from greyhound like i usually get n do.i never been in bozeman's cabs b4,but when i get there i will call a cab and then for to get there on check in day.i got 3 suitcases,back pack and a computer,so if it be snowing bad,cabs gonna be busy.


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