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I am in my 50's and have a very diversified and good work record. I've been in various degrees of management and have good skills. However, I have a felony on my record that is over 30 years old, when I was young & extremely stupid. Does anyone think that would be held against me if I apply to any of these companies that advertise on CoolWorks? Some of them say on their application that they do background checks. Does anyone know if they just run background checks for the last 10-15 years, or will they run your whole adult life? Any help would be appreciated. It appears the seasonal business is a tight business and word would get out quickly. I am an honest, dependable person. Thanks to all who can answer.

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I met a gentlemen last summer at Grant Village during memorial day weekend when I was camping at Yellowstone who was being told he had to leave. Apparently he didn't disclose a conviction that was from 15 years prior, but he said he did and discussed how they knew about his convictions from a couple years ago. They acknowledgedknowing about that conviction but claimed they didn't remember seeing the older one on his application. . He was packing his things and gave me a domino set. I met him when I was hanging out with Xanterra employees at the Greyling dorm which is the employee dorm in Grant Village. It was interesting that they didn't figure this out before he arrive at the park and started working.



You will be ok. If you gotta go through Canada make sure they will let u through before getting to the border, I heard DUI and if u ever wrote a bouncy check they won't let you in.

I've been a felon since 66 & still get hang=ups & no responses from job applications. I have a Damn GOOD r8 page resume with 6 of them being letters of recomndation. I figure " Their loss is my GAIN ".

I was recently (1 yr ago) denied employment because of a fourth degree misdemeanor I was convicted of in 1978. The government has for years, and any individual schmo or company now is, able to find out whom you've kissed and where, and what you had for lunch, for every day of your existence since birth. The wild card is how much your prospective employer cares about this info once they obtain it.

Since they'll find out anyway, I would opt for full disclosure, including an explanation of the circumstances of your conviction if you think that will help. It's better to take preemptive action, since you (and I) have no privacy anyway.

And yes, because of the lovely internet, even a thirty-year-old conviction will show up, blinking brightly, when they do the background check. You and I rightly realize a conviction that old shouldn't carry any weight, but companies are idiots, and put their most idiotic employees in Human Resources.


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