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Has anyone worked at Basin harbor in Vermont ? It looks awesome, but am wondering if anyone has any advice on which restaurant I should apply to, I have done both fine dining and casual dining. I am trying to save as much money as possible this summer. Any thoughts or recommendations ?

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i worked here

i quit

i didnt make any friends or had great memories like out west

u can work a lot though and get overtime

many bulgarians 

It's been several years since I worked at Basin Harbor...and I was a cook so I might be a little off here.

I'm thinking $$-wise it's probably very close whether you work in the main dining room, the Red Mill, or in banquets.  Work load-wise was a little fluctuating between main dining and banquets equal to the percentage in house.

The Red Mill was always busy.  Usually full with a small waiting list.  It is much more casual...but it's still like Business Friday casual 

Guests are the same wherever, sometimes different places on different days.  Mostly old money New England.  They started escaping hot humid summers to come here more than a century ago and continued to come back.  Also a big slice of hippies who somehow made a lot of money (think like the Ben and Jerry's crowd center).  Banquets is weddings, business retreats, weddings, family reunions, weddings, golfing groups, and more weddings.  Example when I was there, I met a couple that were getting married where not only both sets of parents married , but all four sets of grandparents were hitched there also...and most of them returned every year.


i worked 6 yrs ago there myself

its nice but wasn't for me

i liked the national parks better

the family that owns it was nice

i felt staff wasn't overly friendly 

Thank you guys for the advice ! Much appreciated

any question i can answer

i worked 80 days there

What was the housing like ? I'm hoping to go with my boyfriend and two friends, their coolworks page said they have a few cottages?

i was 40

so they gave me my own room

that was important for me

i never knew of cottage for employees , actually i do remember bosses got a few

not many tho, and they were ok, more like a shack but still nice for 4-5 people

mini home i guess

i lived in a house with like 10 rooms, in 1 room by myself

they could accommodate maybe

its not as rigid as a big company with rules etc. 

u can make money

i knew ppl working 75 hours

they didn't limit to like 35 like some places t avoid overtime 

only complaint is the workers i didnt like but that changes year to year

There were dorms, and shared houses, and cottages.  Like Jeff, I was in one of the houses.  I went as a single and was in a social season position.  Cottages were for full season.  I think returnees had first crack at the cottages, but I'm not sure.  They looked fine from the outside, I hung out a couple of times by one where a co-worker stayed.  It was just an hour or two, usually after golfing. It was nice out, so I never needed to go in


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