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I was just wondering if there are bears in Montana? specifically, in glacier national park?  is it ok to leave food in my car while I am backpacking?

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they definitely have bears in glacier.  As long as you have an enclosed car you are fine with leaving food in it.  Do not leave cooler outside otherwise or you will be chatting with a ranger.

What are you talking about?!  You can never leave food in a car in bear country.  Bears can rip open a car (doors) easily, and you will be in trouble for leaving food in your car.  I work in Yosemite, we don't even have grizzly bears like Glacier, and your car can even be impounded for leaving food in the car.  And you will be fined.  Food needs to be in a bear box.


Cathy, Yellowstone and Glacier do not have that problem.  I have worked at both of them.


it's ok tho, they are all tame. just go up and pet one, they realy like to be scratched behind the ears

Hi Shannon, not sure what you mean by that statement.  I have worked at both places too, and I've seen the results of bears breaking into cars.  And I know for a fact that you will be fined for leaving food in a car, or even have your car impounded.  Jon asked if it was permissible to leave food in a car, and the answer is NO.  Ask any ranger, if you don't believe me. 

Hi Cathy....I'm up here at Denali National Park.  We have our share of Grizzly Bears and Black Bears.  We do require that back country hikers use bear proof food containers.  However folks in the "front" country are allowed to keep food inside their vehicles.  Like other parks we do not allow coolers to be left unattended outside vehicles.  Take care .... Ranger Rich

As are they in Yellowstone and glacier. I looked at food storage in Yellowstone last night online and it says recommended in trunk but can be kept in car. In all the seasons I worked in both Parks never heard of bear breaking into a car.

Yes there are bears just feed them or get between them and there young.  Food in you car will be fine

My second cousin survived a bear attack when he was 10 years old.  He ran the bear chased him down and knock him down.  He went into a fetal position after what seem to be an eternity the bear let him live.   He did need a new set of bib overalls and 110 stitches in his thigh

mike i think you mean don't feed them or get between them and their young LOL.

Wow, I am surprised about that!  Yosemite is very strict about anything in the car.  They even do car patrol, where they go around looking inside cars with a flash light at night.  I had my CD's in a case, on my back floor of the car, and they gave me a warning, stating, "no toiletries allowed in the car.  Of course they were wrong about what it was-but I am careful not to even leave anything in the car that they will question. And they don't want anything in the trunk, hidden or not.

Cathy knew that Yosemite is strict about it. The bears there cause problems more I think. Problems with bears in glacier and Yellowstone are mostly people getting too close


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