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I forgot about the chat the other day and was going to bring this up.  For anyone who may have taken the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Alaska, what  did you think of it?  I'm considering either driving across the Canadian interior from Chicago to Juneau (which would still involve a ferry, but a much shorter one), or maybe driving to Washington to take the ferry to Juneau.  That would end up costing me a bit more, but I'm thinking a three day ferry ride could be an interesting and adventurous addition to the roadtrip.  Do they let you sleep in your vehicle instead of paying for a cabin?  I'm assuming I wouldn't have to worry about getting a new passport either.  I'm fiercely independent, so I would very much want my vehicle, even though it would cost me considerably less to fly there.  I appreciate any thoughts.

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I had trouble with the chat working for me, Brendan, so this post really interests me. If I don't work in Yellowstone (interview went great, put many applicants have delayed the new parkwide managers decision)....I'm going to Alaska.

Someone suggested flying into Seattle and taking the ferry.

Any info on connections, enjoyment, etc appreciated.

I will be taking the ferry from Bellingham,WA to Whittier, AK. My sailing date is April 28th and have booked an outside roomette (has a window). From Bellingham to Whittier it will take four days. I have a Honda CRV that I included. The total cost for the car and roomette was $1403.00 one way. The driver's fare is included in the price of the vehicle. They base their price on the length, width, and height of your car, truck, motorhome, and or travel trailer. I based my decision on the following factor, it will cut almost 2400 miles off one way. Less stress on the car (and the driver). I did not want to be driving in Canada during that time due to the weather. Also, I consider it a " Poor Man's Cruise". Besides, I am too old to sleep out on the observation deck.
They will not let you stay in your car.

Lots of information can be found on Google -

If you do decide to go through Bellingham, please let me know.  I live here now and would love to meet Cool Workers as they drive / ferry through.  Plus, in my humble opinion, it's reasonable to fly into Bellingham and then take the ferry.  You could also fly into Seattle and take Amtrak up to Bellingham.  The train terminal is right next door to the ferry terminal.



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