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I tried to do a search and I couldn't really see anything that came up with Big Sky and I am curious if anyone has worked at Big Sky in Montana?

I accepted a job working in Lift Operations in early August and I am very excited about working at that ski resort. I have worked at 4 different ski resorts within the last 5 years. Stratton in Vermont was my first winter where I learned to ski and then Deer Valley in Utah, then Telluride in Colorado and then Copper Mountain in Colorado for two winters.

I have fallen in love with skiing and knowing that Big Sky has 5,800 acres of skiing gets me goose bumps and I am so excited. I already have employee housing locked down and I haven't had a roommate last winter so having one this winter will get some time getting used to but if I am skiing and working its all good and Bozeman is close by as well so I can either take a bus into town or drive to town.

Just curious if anyone has experience working at Big Sky and how did you like it? Even if you didn't like it, what didn't you like about it? If you want to private message me about your dislikes I am cool with that as well, just be honest, not like it will make me change my mind about going there.

All opinions or insights are welcome! Or comments about where you are heading this winter and what ski resorts you have worked at is welcome as well, love to meet other ski or snowboard bums.

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I am going to answer my own post because my experience so far at Big Sky has been great. Working in Lift Operations Is awesome and it starts from the Manager and trickles down, everyone is down to earth and cool.

The simple things about being in Lift Ops is doing snow work, filling out your log and showing up for work and you are golden. Then you get ride breaks and get to explore the mountain by skis or snowboard daily.

The housing is cool and I am at Whitewater Inn which is a motel but the rooms are big and you have a mini fridge and a microwave and its decent and you can busy toaster ovens and other things to cook with.

The area has a movie theater and they show new movies...they will be playing Star Wars and that is cool. A half dozen grocery stores and the food can be pricey but cheap food doesn't mean its actually good for you anyway. They have plenty of places to eat.

We only have 1,000 acres open right now but its enough to have a good day of skiing on. Well since it seems nobody has experience working at Big Sky I will keep you all posted how epic of a season it ends up being with weekly or monthly updates lol

hey! i'm heading to big sky this winter to work for the resort and do the employee housing thing, can you tell me more about big sky? are there many travellers/people from elsewhere? I ask because i'm moving there alone, just curious if there are many like-minded ski bum travellers or mostly people from montana. do people in big sky get out of big sky and explore other resorts, or ice climbing/climbing or backcountry in montana/wy? Im hoping to hook up with people there to do some back country snowboarding and explore the surrounding area not just big sky, and need buddies to do that

any info would be great! i cant find much info about big sky on the internet, i've just heard the terrain is rad! and big...

(hopefully your still active on this site)

How was your job at Big Sky? Did you end up coming to Big Sky? Yeah I have not been on this site for some time. I worked at Big Sky part time this winter as well as next door at the YC.

Hey All... I'm "scheduled" to work in Big Sky as well, however the housing market is virtually non-existent, I'm even having trouble finding a place in Bozeman! If something doesn't get sorted out soon, I'm thinking I might have to decline the job.
My hiring manager told me about the Bozeman Classifieds as well as a group on FB - Big Sky Housing Network, but no luck either.

To answer your question though, according to the Facebook group, there are a lot of people who return season after season, so there must be some awesome draw!

Did you end up finding housing? That is probably the craziest part of living and working at a ski resort is the lack of housing. It really needs to be worked on and the lack of really nice employee housing is pretty sad. 

I just wanted to let people know about my experience at Big Sky a few seasons later.

I worked the winter of 2015/16 as a Lift Operator at Big Sky and I have to say that working In that department was a blast and I got along with majority of the people in that department and in the winter they have like 150 employees to operate the 30+ lifts that they have. If you want to get outside and be on the mountain skiing or snowboarding during the day that is the job to have.

Then I spent the summer of 2016 in Lift Operations as well and that was fun too. You help build the ramps for people to get off on, ie hikers and mountain bikers. Its a different atmosphere for sure than the winter. You get to wear shorts to work and just hang out and enjoy the outdoors. One day in July it snowed and I had to shovel like a few inches off the top ramp and it was all gone by the end of the day. Gotta love Mountain weather.

Then I worked Part time as a Lift Operator the winter of 2016/17 and it was still fun but I was working a lot between Big Sky and the Yellowstone Club so I quit early in March but I am glad that I got to work at Big Sky for the seasons that I did.

Housing isn't always the best and you really don't have a choice of who you get paired up with. I was paired with a 21 year old when I did my first season and he ended up getting injured and milked the workers comp for all he could which was pretty sad. Then the summer came along and I asked for a roommate closer to my age (42) and I got a roommate that was 18 years old. The gal that is in charge of housing at Big Sky really doesn't care and it shows and everyone knows it.

I usually don't bad mouth a place that I have worked but housing at Big Sky needs lots of work and the person in charge of the housing needs to be replaced by someone that cares and knows how to do that job. Other than that the area is nice and they have like 4 grocery stores that are pricey but its better to buy in the area than get in your car and drive 45 miles into Bozeman or take the bus which turns into an hour and a half ride.

They have Country Market, Roxy's Market and Hungry Moose which is located in Town Center as well in the Mountain Village up at Big Sky. They have quite a few places to eat. They have a cool movie theater that shows recent movies. They have an Ace Hardware Store that has pretty much anything that you would need and if they don't they can order it for you. They have a few churches if that is your thing. They have a couple gas stations in the area as well.

The hiking in the summer is pretty epic and so many places to go to get out and away from people. Between Bozeman and West Yellowstone there has to be like 20 to 30 trail heads for different hikes which is great. Bozeman is like 45 miles north and West Yellowstone is like 45 miles south and there are so many outdoor options.

If you are thinking about checking out Big Sky for the winter or the summer I would say do it. Just make sure that you have housing secure otherwise it can be pretty rough without it. If anyone has any questions about it in the future feel free to drop me a message or comment on here and I will be happy to help out.

Amen. Some very cool people to work with.

Lots of mountain summer and winter, but my experience 

with housing was just as awful and it was years back. 

Pay's on the low side and the grocers sock it to you.

Seems like a ski resort that's more for younger set...

Worked at lots of resorts. 

Telluride was a good one.

Copper was good years ago but fell short more recently. 

Vail is a good bet usually.

I worked at Big Sky and was unimpressed with just about everything. 


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