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Hi All,

Am really enjoying and learning a lot from this CoolWorks site.  I am considering seasonal work - this year if it works out, but lots of questions.  What did those of you who had houses do with yours while you were gone?  What about health insurance?  I'm widowed, mid-50's, working full-time right now, but don't have to.  Planning a trip to AK this summer, but really considering going the seasonal work route.  Suggestions on picking a first experience?

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hello Gail,

  I just put my house up for sale and once it is sold I want to begin seasonal work. Your idea about becoming a gypsy is exactly what I am striving for!  I see that this was written in 2015, how did things work out for you? Have you taken that step yet?

Hi there, I am new to this as well. Have my very first Skype interview tomorrow. I am planning on leaving my full time career as a dental office manager and trying seasonal employment. I want to be surround by all the beauty in nature and find my passion again.  Something to make my heart sing...never able to travel before as I was busy raising my daughter alone. She is grown and it is time for Momma to spread her wings. A little nervous, but a LOT excited. Also in my 50's and single. I think you are correct,  I think there are quite a few of us out there. Well, good luck to us all!  Take care, Donna

Seems like we will make lots of new friends.....let us know how the interview goes and where you end up!  I am leaving a full time position in the accounting department to do the same!


I am also new to this. 53 years young,I start May 14 excited, nervous, and ready.

Congrats.  Keep us updated how it goes.  It is so neat to see so many 50 somethings starting out with this.

Hi!  I am also a single 50 something!  I am working on paying off my bills and then I plan to sell my house and stay with my children or other family ( my sister lives at the beach)  when I am not off doing seasonal work.  I am very excited and can't wait to get started but it will be a couple of years.  As far as insurance, if you will use the search at the top right of the screen and search insurance there are some options that will come up for some chat transcripts.  There is a listing there somewhere for insurance options.  You should get on the chats on Monday nights if you have not already.  I have learned so much from them.  Good luck!  I hope all works out as you hope.  

Just in case you don't know, there are permanent jobs with the concessionaires in the parks too.   I spent two years in the Grand Tetons as an accountant.  Although these jobs are rare, it is possible to live year round in one spot.  As to the seasonal government jobs, it is daunting to put your resume together and search for a position....hurts getting notes telling you you weren't referred for a job you know you were very well qualified, but you can get a spot...and then future years you could return or go elsewhere.  Maggie works as a park ranger... I know others that take your money when entering a park, 

.  If adventure is something you crave, think about becoming a coach driver in Alaska and get a CDL Class B.... or maybe become a rafting guide.  Don't limit yourself.  Be free and live life grand.  I will be watching to see what you all do this season while living my life on the Mississippi River with the Army Corps of Engineers Mat Sinking Unit keeping time.  And if you want to see what that is, look up the video Managing the Mississippi.  

I started my resort work at age 39 as I did not like teaching. The

Lodge at Vail was my first and one of my best experiences.  I 

also really like Glacier National Park. Most recently, I have

worked a couple of places in Telluride in the summer and

wow! After going from Cape Cod and the Keys out to the

Rockies, I pretty much confine my searching to night audit/

front desk jobs at the top hotels in just 4 resorts; Aspen, 

Jackson, Telluride and Vail summer or winter. Good luck.

Thanks for the encouragement.   I'd love to do something this winter...we'll see how it goes. 

I had classic good times at the Lodge at Vail, the Teton Mountain Lodge, and the Madeline Hotel as regards upbeat, upscale winter employment.

I am retiring in May 2016. I just turned 61 and accepted a contract in Yellowstone with Delaware North working General Store in Grant Village
@ Stephen Kendrick. I worked last summer (2015) in Grant Village and liked it. I worked for Xanterra. Grant village is very laid back and peaceful unlike Old Faithful or Canyon. Robin Culver


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