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Hi All,

Am really enjoying and learning a lot from this CoolWorks site.  I am considering seasonal work - this year if it works out, but lots of questions.  What did those of you who had houses do with yours while you were gone?  What about health insurance?  I'm widowed, mid-50's, working full-time right now, but don't have to.  Planning a trip to AK this summer, but really considering going the seasonal work route.  Suggestions on picking a first experience?

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Every thought about driving a coach?  Actually, pick something you would like to do.  I will tell you that seasonal government positions will pay more than those with a concessionaire.  Housing could also be better than what you will see in some places.  One concessionaire houses most of their seasonals employees in garden sheds. On the other hand, they also have great parking for an RV...

As to your home, keep it - have a relative or friend check on it during the time you are gone collecting your mail and making sure the house is secure.  You will need a place to go back to once the season has ended.  As to insurance, you will have to buy your own.  Hope this helps.  I will miss being a seasonal again this year, but who knows, may see you in one of the national parks.

Thanks, Ann.  Appreciate the helpful advice.  I've been struggling with what to do with the house, but what you say makes sense, especially as I'm just starting out.  I may decide to do 6 month seasonal and 6 months at home, who knows.  What was your first seasonal job?  Did you like it?  What would you have done differently?  Everyone here has been so great with sharing their knowledge and experiences. 

My background is accounting and administrative Assistant.  I went to Glacier and became their cash clerk accounting assistant.  However, if I had been smarter I would have looked for a job on and gotten better pay .  Just ask Aggie.  There are many jobs that are available to you.  Write me at   i will tell you more.

thanks for all your info

Good to see another 50 something person here!  This is my first time applying for anything like this.  I'm hoping to get on at Yosemite as I only live about 3 hours from there.  I'm a little nervous being so much older than most but I'm up for the adventure!    

You will do fine.  There are jobs on right now for Yosemite.  Pay is about $15 an hour's.  Just search Yosemite.

I am over 60 and love the parks. Yellowstone had some decent dorms.   I also have a house and do summer season only.  I have my kids check on the house.  I feel comfort in knowing that I have a place to return to.  Everyone comes away with their own view of their experience. Some love it and makethe mostof every monent and some hate it.  Most leave with many new friends and many great stories to return home with.  Good luck with your experience where ever you decide to go!

I'm 65 and have worked as a seasonal since 2009.  Yellowstone (or Yosemite) would be a great place to start.  Health insurance is via Obamacare until you qualify for Medicare....which means it'll be expensive.  The seasonal jobs won't help you there (unfortunately).  I agree with Ann regarding the house .... try to keep it (unless you simply have no plans to live there again).  I started with Delaware North in Yellowstone, and then pursued a Park Ranger job.  Park Rangers get paid more and usually (but not always) have nicer housing.  I always tell people to pick places you want to go to and spend time at since most of the jobs themselves are all pretty mundane (i.e. boring).  Expect to break even .... seasonal jobs do not pay much period ($7 to $15 per hour typical).

I just found out that Federal Seasonal employees are now eligible for Government Health Benefits (ie. the same benefits made available to permanent government employees) so that may factor into your decision.  Go to USAJOBS.GOV to explore/apply for Federal seasonal jobs.

Hi i am also recently widowed in my 50's and making the jump this year by leaving my full time job to work this summer (think there are quite a few of us out there) and have chosen the north rim at the grand canyon primarily because i have never visited there and there are other national parks north in Utah i have also never seen.. I am looking forward to hiking and enjoying the sunsets and sunrises of the canyon and plan to work at a different park every year so i can see more of the parks'.. I have a house that my neighbors will check on til i return in the fall.

Hi Gail,

Thanks for the response.  Have you been thinking about it for a while.  What will you be doing at the Grand Canyon?  Was it tough getting that first seasonal job?  What will you do for health insurance?  I haven't quite made the leap yet, but planning to soon.  Need to get my housing in order first.  In process of selling my house (too big) and looking at a patio home which would make it easier to leave and come back to.  Have you considered the RV route yet, or just going to get your feet wet first?  Hope you don't mind all the questions, but nice to hear from someone else who is in the same place I am.  Look forward to hearing from you.

I will be working in the accounting office at the North Rim.   I actually had two offers, one at Yellowstone and one at the North Rim........I chose the north rim as i had not yet visited that part of the park and for the other national parks north in Utah an easy drive on my days off.  Each year i hope to get seasonal jobs at a different national park.  I am fortunate that I can get health insurance from the company my husband retired from.  I did look at jobs thru the but it seem as tough as getting a position with the secret service........the pay is not great but i get to see the beautiful scenery for an entire season and get back home with extra $$$.   I have thought about selling my home eventually and investing the $$ and then just be a gypsy travelling around working seasonally in different parts of the country and that will help me decide where i want to end up daughter just moved to South Carolina so i am here for a few months until i report for my job in May at the north rim.......i figure i will get lots of info from seasoned seasonal employees on tips on maybe going the RV route....i have always wanted a camper to pull around ........



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