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So what are peoples thoughts on Bryce Canyon and Forever Resorts? I sent off my info and have heard back from HR.


Did anyone make it threw the whole season after the change over?


What is housing like?


Really no info on the website.





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Hi Franklin, I worked for Bryce June to Aug, there was a big turn over. Did you say you have heard back? What are you applying for? I was HR driver and part time dorm proctor; it had it's up's and down's, it is a beautiful place. It was my first " seasonal " from the east coast. The dorms are ok, i think Ponderosa is changing this year last year it was all men's dorm, with one big shared bath area. I know it because i had to clean it on weekends, anyhoo, the other 2 dorms are bottom is shared bathroom between 2 rooms which can be up to 3 per room or 6 for bath. EDR had it's up and downs with so many changing cooks, you just crossed your fingers or ate salad's. Oh it was like 11.50 a day for room and meals, I don't know who will be in HR this year so can't say much for that one.. But it was a mess for a bit there. Let me know if ya have any other questions, i'll try and answer em.. good luck
I talked with HR a bit about my resume then did there online app. I am looking at the Chef gig. Was turn over pretty high?

Yes.  Very high.  I heard the term "vortex" used once, which seemed appropriate as well.  At the end of the season, I heard the calculated turn over was about 98%.  I was there for about one month, early in the season, working in the kitchen.

Last summer chef gets there own room they're like an effiency apt. stove, fridge, not real big but private. I didn't finish off the season i got a job offer for more money i couldn't refuse at time, but if they were to give a chance i would go back to much i didn't get to see or do while there. I don't what happened that so many people left, some management problems, who knows this year, alot things happened with employees, drinking, etc. don't want to go into that, They did end up with 2 chef's when i left , have no idea why. Kris Jenkins is new HR manager, then there's Marie, asst, and Wayne don't know if they'll be there thou.


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