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Greetings all.

I'm in a dead end job. My stress level is at a boiling point.

Could a person survive working only seasonal jobs.

I'm not retired and I don't have a pension to fall back on.

Please advise



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 where i have worked, i've been totally lucky.If you find the right place, you could move up and actually make it somewhat of  a career That's just my experience. I started out at the Koa 6 miles from yellowstone. and the plus of not working directly in the park that is starting out pay is 9.50 an hour. Not bad for starting pay for a campground. I spent 2 unforgettable summers exploring what montana and yellowstone have to offer. The owners then gave me the opportunity to caretake/manage another one of their koas for the winter, and will be going back to west yellowstone this coming summer.  This one has a nice deal for dorms which I've lived in for the past 2 summers.If you stay the whole time you agree to, you get your rent back at the end of your time. rent is 98 every 2 weeks .

It feels like home. This coming summer I will join the world of living in the motorhome i bought. The strangers you speak of will soon become great friends.

Here at north haven your travel is paid and tips are decided by staff in general. Their first tip check was $2300. Including the bartender and servers who get cash tips also. Airfare is covered also. There is no where to spend money here except for soda and candy at the tackle shop. Best of luck on your search!
Sorry, I are divided by staff and automatically charged to the guests. I am not included (the only one for some reason).

Have you considered pursuing a career in the National Park Service?  You get government salary (and benefits) and there are a lot of fun jobs out there with low/no stress.   You would likely start as a seasonal Ranger and then pursue a permanent position - could take 3-5 years to achieve permanent status.  Checkout if this sounds like an option for you.   Ranger Rich

Hi Rich!

Ohhhhhhh man that would be my dream job.

I've tried for over 8 months to hire on with the Federal gov. I'm a Senior Graphic Designer with over
25 years experience. With the governments point system for hiring I found it nearly impossible to get to 3 base. I'm assuming your name implies you are a ranger. If so could you please advise
on the best way to apply and secure one of these positions.

Artist Mark.... :^)

persistence .... that's my only advice.  Just keep trying.  Maybe fill in with other work while you wait for a NPS opportunity to materialize.  Be willing to go to parks/monuments that are less popular or out of the way.  It took me a couple of years to get a NPS job offer.   Ranger Rich

Are you a vet? I served 4 years as a Marine Corps reservist. I receive no veterans point for my service. That's the problem I encountered when I applied for USAJOBS I was continually passed over because of my veterans status.

Years ago when I was standing at the career fork in the road I was deciding which path I wanted to travel. The first path was a forestry or wildlife degree. The second path was a degree and career as a graphic designer. 15 years ago I choose to leave a good job with McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and take a job in the newspaper industry. The choice based on believe it or not....job security and a salary increase.
Today the newspaper industry is on life support. The few journalist and artist who remain have seen there salaries, pensions and benefits cut and the work loads tripled.

I'm still young enough to make a change if I do it now. I find myself standing at another fork in the road. The choice I make today could lead to a wonderful career choice and happiness or misery and poverty.


As a person with experience in government HR. When you apply the system picks up on key words for rating and ranking. There are many books and classes given on the subject. You mentioned you were a reservist. Were you called to active duty in support of Desert Storm, etc. If so.... that time can count.  

Hi Jay-
I subscribe to USAJOBS. I hired one of there resume writers to prepare my resume for Fed jobs. I was never called to active duty.
I feel the Fed hiring system is flawed.

Example, I served 4 years in the military, granted my time was not served on active duty. In the eyes of the Feds and there point system I group with folks who never served a day in the military.

Second example: Because I don't receive vet points I'm not considered for the position I'm applying for regardless of my education and experience.
I know this for a fact from talking to Fed hiring managers and other folks who have applied for Fed jobs.

I've been applying for Federal jobs for almost a year.
Response: Most Qualified not refereed to hiring manager


Mark, Sounds like you're searching every avenue. I don't know if the average person (retired school teachers included) can ever quit working in this economy. I'm retired from teaching but certainly not debt free after getting three through college. (one still in) and I still have intentions of making some more good money. The economy is sort of controlling the options. You sound like you are very capable of handling any type of work out there but are just interested in finding something that you love and has a positive direction for advancement. The seasonal direction may be a way (assuming you can survive on the money) to buy some time while the economy recovers, while looking for what you want in different areas of the country, enjoy yourself a little more. Clearing your head sometimes helps get a better perspective on which direction you want to go. I stress that nothing is permanent until a person wants to make it permanent. It's no way of knowing what opportunties are out there, not just with seasonal work but other avenues as well. You may have to work for seasonal wages for a while but it could also be a means to an end.  

Mark: here is one I located: Recruitmilitary. Try a search on the website. Maybe htis could be the ticket you want. They have job fairs in different States every so often and you can search for employ and speak to job counselors. Also have you tried Linkedin another employer based website! Ed

I understand your frustration Mark. I review OPF's (Official Personnel Folders). I have to determine what is creditable service. It is the same with the National Guard. The one program that would have helped was discontinued. That was called FCIP (Federal Career Intern Program). You could have been selected without competing. However, one of the reasons it was discontinued, hiring managers were using it as a tool to side step veterans and disabled veterans in the hiring process. There is a program called SCEP (Student Career Employment Program) you have to be enrolled in some type of college program. The other program is STEP (Student Temporary Employment Program). You have to be in school for this one. I know many older individuals will go at least part time. This gives you a way to get your foot in the door. Hang in there... and don't give up.



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