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Greetings all.

I'm in a dead end job. My stress level is at a boiling point.

Could a person survive working only seasonal jobs.

I'm not retired and I don't have a pension to fall back on.

Please advise



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      I have been doing work camping job since 1998, Have an older Class C that I keep the maintenance up on. It gets expensive (7.3 MPG) and repairs but have made it work. I have 18 months before I take early SS; forced to unless I work the extreme hours I do to keep basic expenses. I live very frugally and have managed to find places to work minimal hours for site only when not working for site and wages. I have been working for three places every year since the Fall of 09. I think you have made a good choice, Park Ranger was the field I wanted after I completed my military obligation, but not bad enough because of being side tracked by family who were Auto Mechanics. Many people are doing online claases to enhance their careers.I have joined "Linkend" and there are a lot of people to network with. I hope you great sucess with your search. Remember' Just don't give up! If you want something bad enough, Pursue it with all your heart! Pieere


well its all depends if you have more expense going out then comming  in you just have to be carefull

on what you spend,and if your the  type of person that would spend all there checks in the bar ive seen

that happen so many time doing seasonal work and end of there contract they dont have nothing to show

for ,if your an server you can make alot of money anything else you could come out on top just have to be carefull

on what you spend,and only spend what you need and think on do you really need that or want it or its something

you can wait on

ya sure can, I've survived on less. it wasn't all fun but I made it

Hi Jason-

Do you work year round seasonal jobs?
I wouldn't enjoy living with a roommate or living in dorm situation.
Little to old for some of the college age nonsense.

It appears to me seasonal work is a temporary lifestyle. As one grows older insurance and
health concerns become greater. If you don't have a retirement or a pension you might be in deep dodo. Seasonal employers are like any other employer. Most don't want to employ you after a certain age.

The lady who cleans my building is 92 years old and has been working @ GCSR (Grand Canyon South Rim) for over 50 years. There is a busser at one of our cafeterias that has worked here for 40 years.  Sure both of those ladies are Native American and maybe that makes a slight difference in the fact that they are satisfied about staying here close to their families.

This may be a seasonal job location to most people, but to alot of people it is home and nothing temporary with having a "feeling of home"....with or without insurance, it is probably one of the cheapest places to live.

When I first arrived here I had to have roommates. Summer of 2008 was my last Summer with any roomies...and that Summer I probably had about 8-10 of them. I am older then all the roomies they gave me and I have wierd sleep schedule which some could not tolerate. They all decided on their own to move out to different rooms (which is how I ended up getting so many that Summer). I have been in my own single room since Sept 2008

Mark, Have you considered an RV. Almost all the parks have RV space.

I have. In fact I have my eyes on an older Airstream.


Excellent, I recently retired from school teaching and am gonna work in Yellowstone this summer with DNC. First seasonal job. I had a fifth wheel at the time I was hired and had an RV spot at Grant Village. As luck would have it a couple made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I sold it and changed my housing to a dorm. There's no doubt an Rv is definitely a better and more "normal" setup. Keep in mind there a lot of good deals out there on RV's right now. I have bought several RV's over the years, took a trip out west and sold them when I returned and broke even. A good used RV won't lose value after a certain point and remember nothing has to be permanent, job, housing etc. Seasonal work, to me, if I were looking for a new career, could be an opportunity to look around in new areas, while working, to see what is out there. Good luck!

Thanks Larry.
Making the decision to work seasonally would sure be easier if I had a teachers pension. I think I'm a bit too young to solely live on seasonal pay.
Too many what ifs.

The way I see it is you can probably find a job close to home making what you'll make doing seasonal work. The difference is that seasonal work has great locations if your a nature lover. Too many people it's worth the trade off. To others it wouldn't be and they might end up unhappy with their seasonal job. I'm doing it strictly for the opportunity to live in a national park and enjoy the resources. Hopefully I can do it with what I make working. Luckily there's a lot of emtertainment built in the park and I won't have to go to Bozeman every night. If I did I don't think my budget will hold up!

Hi Jason-

Dude I need some of your attitude. I'll be listing my home this month.
Hopefully it will sell quickly. I'm looking to purchase a RV. Because I own  two small dogs the roomate and company housing is out of the question.

Is it difficult to find seasonal working during the winter months?

I assume alot of ski resorts have jobs during the Winter. Also check out places that are open year-round like Death Valley or Grand canyon South Rim or Paws Up Ranch in Montana. I think Medora is also open year-round.


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