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Greetings all.

I'm in a dead end job. My stress level is at a boiling point.

Could a person survive working only seasonal jobs.

I'm not retired and I don't have a pension to fall back on.

Please advise



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If you want to suceed plan ahead, NO BILLS, payed off vehicle, live on cash or debit no credit!!  U can make it several ways, north in summer and south in winter , there r lots of help out there like coolworks, workamper,com , work for  even though most of these involve rving not all do, some offer housing and there is sometimes year round jobs. Its a life where u live cheep, u will also meet so many people that do this full time and u become friends and get ideas from them ,

Hey Mark,

Can you survive? YES.  Will you be rich and have expensive things? NO.  Seasonal work is not about the money. It is about the experiences and places that will change your life forever.  However I would not work in anything but a tipped position at a resort.  However, all of us here know we are not going to be millionaires we do this for our love of nature and community.  The people i have met and had the pleasure to spend time with have been some of the most genuine and loving people i have ever known.  The things I have done people save lifetimes to do and see.   If you are unhappy change things so that you are happy. I have know numerous people who have come out for the season to just get their lives back together.  Find focus and balance and to learn what


 is.  No 711 no gas station no albertsons or piggy wiggly.  If you think that money is the root of all life do not apply.  If you feel that there is more out there for you, that the world has only shown you one one millionth of what she can, then you should apply. Give it a chance and JUMP!

WOW Anthony-

I appreciate your comments. I'm looking at a used Airstream I will be listing my house this Spring.
Making a ton of money  has never been a goal of mine. I'm not a materialistic person.
I just need to feel confident that I could support myself. If I exit my current career working seasonally would need to be year round.

I can think of no other occupation that could bring me greater joy than living and working in the great outdoors.


To tell you the truth Mark,

I just came back to las vegas cause plans for my winter job fell through cause i did not plan my finances well and so I decided to stay with family till I am going to return to alsaka.  But I HATE living in the city now. and a trailer is an awesome idea for you. One of the biggest obstacles is housing. Dorming however sometimes can be fun and a new experience leaves with little to no privacy.  I have lived in the Grand Canyon and sunni i think lives there now. Its a great place to be but its a larger small community. There are many places just get on here and talk to people.  I wish you the best of luck and please keep me updated would love to hear about your forthcoming adventures!

Hi Anthony-
What would happened if you did not have family to fall back on if things didn't work out. My situation is completely different. My decision to work seasonally will be a career and lifestyle change. I wouldn't be just working the summer then it's back to the books or a teaching job. Money has never been my issue for choosing a permanent seasonal, I don't want to be helpless or a charity case in the event that something would happen to my health or vehicles.


Yes Tony, I am still here at GC (5 yrs in March). Longest I have stayed in 1 like forever. But I can't wait to move on to Alaska this year.

Mark~as long as you can budget money and don't get seriously hurt in some physical way, there should be no reason for you to feel helpless. Like I said before, my paychecks get garnished every payday, but I still have enough money to move to Alaska because I don't need as much to survive as most people think they do.

Couple years before coming to GC, I bounced around to different places without knowing a single person in the area and without having a job lined up (5 states in 1 & 1/2 yrs)...and I survived that too....and without having family to fall back on.

Hi Sunni and thanks for your reply.

My dream job would be working in Alaska. In fact last year I turned down a driving job with Princess Cruise. Just bad timing.
As soon as my house sells I will be cutting the corporate cord.

In the mean time I'm shopping for a good used Airstream trailer and a V8 truck.

its  ok  money  for  couple of months  i  enjoyed  last  3  years  when to yellowstone

Hi Steve-
Working seasonally will not be something I will embark on a whim or temporarily.
I would be walking away from a good paying job but one I've grown to dislike plus selling my home. Once I decide to cut the cord there will be no looking back. I'm not a kid, living with a relative is out of the question.


X-2; Mark: This is a lifestyle where one has to look forward. I have become more budget minded; disiciplined and continue learnig to live frugality in this changing economy. I don't have relatives or friend who will back me up for housing or finances. Doing work camping has been a learning curve. I enjoy the freedom of the open road and many scenic places I have been to and plan to do much more before I can not do it anymore. Take it one day at a time; don't dwell on the past and be flexible enough for the changes to come in the future.

Hi Ed-
Is seasonal work your career? Do you live in a dorm or do you own an RV?
How long have you worked seasonally?


Mark; Work Camping since Fall/winter09 is my employ choice, but looking into seasonal and a sideline business to do from the Motor home. Click on my Picture and hopefully it will take you to my blog posts. Ed


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