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can anyone suggest a cool winter seasonal job that offers good housing,

can anyone suggest a cool winter seasonal job that offers good housing, 

I'm mid 40's and dont want to feel out of place with all 20 yr olds

seeking a tip job

server, bellman, etc

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Hey Jeff, check out Deer Valley in Park City Utah. I worked there for 2 winter seasons 2 years ago. Housing is good and all ages work there(I'm 66) and had a nice time there.


Telluride has great housing and you get a room to yourself and it costs like $600+ a month but you get like $200 a month back each month since you work at the resort.

Copper Mountain has pretty good housing as well, it doesn't cost that much and the rooms are somewhat small but if you are just there for sleeping its not a big deal and plus if you do a repeat season and get back early enough you could get a room to yourself. They have two common kitchens that are very nice. They have a common lobby area that has like ten computers for everyone to use if they want, entire building is laced for Wifi, pool table, ping pong and other things going on.

Deer Valley is pretty good as well as mentioned above. Make sure to be housed in town because if you are not and you don't want to take your own car if you miss the bus you are pretty much in a bad situation lol. Good luck!


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