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From what I remember, Yellowstone was relatively flat but I don't remember a whole lot except for those buffalo traffic jams. I don't know where I will be headed until I arrive in Gardiner. Is it possible to rollerblade there or is it too Mountainous? Thanks!

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Hi Rachelle,
Of course it depends on where you are, but most areas around the lodges are pretty flat. But I would try to make alot of noise so the animals hear you coming! The main thing will be do you want to play in the street where the tourist drive along not paying abit of attention to driving but rather looking at flowers, landscape, or animals. Have fun, be safe!
Thanks! I would mostly use them to explore the area around the lodges so I probably wont be on the busy roads as much. Thanks again!
Yellowstone has a LOT of tourist traffic on the roads (they seem to think its more of a driving park than a get-out-of-your-damn-RV-and-hike park) & i would be wary of rollerblading cuz most of them are too busy gawking at the scenery to pay attention for pedestrians. Those RV's have massive blind spots & Im sure the retirees driving them have some blind spots of their own. Plus I doubt it would be smooth rolling because of all the gravel they use for traction on the roads during the winter, & the large-sized rocks they mix into the asphalt. In my limited rollerblading experience rough roads suck to skate on & you might not find anyplace smooth & flat enought except around the civilized areas. The hills may be a problem too depending on where you are at in the park. The boardwalks around specific sites of interest are a definite no-no. In Montana in general there seems to be a large anti-skater mindset among people over the age of 15...even in the cities skating is a misdemeanor just about every public place you go except the sidewalks & designated skateparks (not sure if you are in MT or WY part of Yellowstone but im guessing its prob the same over there too) people seem to think if you have wheels strapped to your feet or on a board then you are a "skate punk" out to vandalize everything you see...go figure.


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