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hello all. Well it looks like all of my plans are falling into place. I will be driving to Alaska from Ohio during the end of April. my route is set and half of the drive will be through Canada. I will be crossing into Canada on route 39 in North Dakota. From there i connect to highway 1 west, take hwy 93 north west through the mountains (should be awesome!) then hook up on hwy 16 to Prince Rupert. hopefully someone from Canada or someone who has traveled that route can answer a few questions.

My questions are:
1. what are the road conditions. 2-land 4-lane, is it paved the whole way? (may be a stupid question)
2. what weather conditions should i expect between April 18-23?
3. Should i bring anything special for the trip (i.e. tire chains for snow, an extra gas container)
4. any good places to stop along the way?
5. any special things i would need to know about entering and leaving canada from the U.S. provided i have my passport.
6. should i fill up on gas every chance i get or are there plenty of gas stations along the way, and what can i expect gas prices to be?
7. are there any road hazards i should be aware of, falling rock zones, wildlife etc.

other than that i want to make sure i cover all my bases before i set off on the longest road trip of my life. my final destination will be Ketchikan if anyone wants to hitch a ride along the way (i will be traveling through Indianapolis, Chicago and Minneapolis.) if there was any other considerations i should make before i depart any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Buy the Milepost. It's a wonderful guide that will help you along the way.
yeah i have heard of the milepost. should i order it online or would any gas station in Canada have it?
Not sure. I would try to pick it up before you go. It can give you lots of good ideas of things to see along the way.

That's awesome that your grandparents are looking out for you. It sounds like you'll be prepared. : )
Hi Jeremy- looks like you are getting your plans together. I think your trip will be awesome! Be sure to purchase your ferry ticket in advance as there are limited spots on all ferries. And since you are getting on in Prince Rupert, there will already be a bunch of cars on board from Bellingham. I have not driven the Canada route so no great words of wisdom there. I do know that I have a friend who broke down somewhere on the way to Prince Rupert and did not have enough credit on her credit card for the repair, so she ended up camping there until her folks could wire her $$. Ouch! Bring along a credit card with enough credit available in case you have a problem. If you are not already a member, join AAA and find out what benefits will be available in Canada. Can't hurt! Happy trip planning!
awesome. i will look into AAA. I have already reserved my ferry ticket and hotels. i just bought my car from my grandfather like 6 moths ago and it only has like 50,000 miles on it so i should be good but you never know. will be getting a tune up a day or two before i leave and will be bringing extra drive belts, fluid and oil just in case. you see my grandparents want me to take a southern route through the us, hit Washington then turn north which will add a couple of days to my drive. They are worried that i will be caught in a freak blizzard on my way and be stuck on some gravel road in the middle of Canada where i will surely die. im pretty sure the route im taking is one of the most heavily traveled in Canada, and if that road shuts down than Canada shuts down so it should always be clear and in good condition.
The milepost is the most amazing book in the world. I recommend getting it before you get to Canada. It will tell you all of what to expect mile by mile. you can buy it at places like Barnes and Nobles, and Borders.
Extra precautions are good. I've had no problems, but you never know what will happen.
And yes keep an eye out for animals. they get bigger the farther north you go. haha
I would recommend filling up as much as possible. you never know what might happen.
good luck on your trip.
Im driving up there in less than two weeks. I love the drive. its so amazing.
I have driven to Alaska on several occasions. I have had 3 road problems that I was not prepared for. The worst one was driving on a road that was being reconstructed and a sharp rock split my tire. I had a terrible time getting another tire.. drove for miles on the donut and then had to pay lots for a nearly worn-out old thing. Getting your headlights broken out with a rock is a common problem, but the most difficult problem is running out of gas. We ran short of gas on Jan 1 once because stations were closed for the holiday. A local resident siphoned gas out of his tractor and let us get to the next gas station. Take some candles. If you do get stuck in a storm, candles will keep you warm until someone arrives to help you out. If you could partner up with a buddy that you trust it is safer, but I have done it by myself and with just myself and a teenager... But, you can run into anything or anyone on that route.. But mostly it is other tourists, or military transferring to or from AK. Have fun.. It will be a wonderful journey that you will cherish forever!
1) it is a mixture of both 2 and 4
2) Expect snow and lots of sun get some shades for the western drive.
3) Extra gas tank would be good since the upper part of BC the gas will be pricey and after the conversion and exchange the amount could be nearly 5 a gal.
4)Edmonton if you get a change West Edmonton Mall - Largest Mall in North America
5) Canadian Travellers cheques would be helpful
6) Gas Station will usually have a sign posted on miles to next town and they will answer any questions you may have.
7) bears, bison, moose and sheep in the moutainous areas.

Check out expedia for driving directions it will give you shortest and quickest travel times to your destination.


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