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Well I turned down a job offer for Ceder Point. Had to have 100.00 up front deposit for housing. Never heard of being charged a deposit before. I'll stick with Grand Hotel.

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You have probably chosen the better option.  But I have had deposits in a few places.

Thanks for writting. I love Grand Hotel and am glad to be a part of the Grand Hotel. No deposits there.

Room deposits are NOT uncommon and it is what it states, a deposit, just like rental apartments. Places not charging deposits may have housing you wouldn't want to set foot in let alone sleep in. Deposits mean you take care of the room and furnishings and you clean it when you leave--it is good for the company and good for the employee.

Thank you for your thoughts.

It's not so unusual, but you know what your limits are. From an employer stand point, people not taking good care of their summer homes is a big deal. You'd get your $$ back in the end - it's a little insurance policy. I'm sure the Grand is lovely, too ! Have a GREAT summer !

Thanks Patty

Never been charged a fee. But have recvd. a bonus for leaving the room in good condition.

you might have ask  to see if they could take it out of your paycheck that would an be interesting place to work at  that is on my list for next summer 

I was offered a job without meeting anyone.

Majority of the time they just want a check or something and won't deposit it until you arrive and other times they will deposit to make sure that you don't back out of the job and even if you do you just contact them and tell them and they will refund your money even though it might take 4 to 6 weeks, lol. The one place where I had to pay like almost a grand was Telluride and it was sooooo worth it. I had to pay first months rent along with a deposit before I got there. The town is amazing and the skiing is EPIC. Like when I got the paperwork from North Rim they said I needed to include my deposit of $100 and I emailed them asking if I could pay it on arrival and they said that was cool. You just gotta talk to the people and they can work it out with you.

there is a few places  that I've work had to pay a deposit  to move in   for example Jackson lake lodge  but i got it back end of the season though  so places  do some places don't,some will work with you  on it to  when i work at keystone ski resort i had to pay alot to move in but since i was in housekeeping they let have an payment arraignment ,


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