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Just wondering...does anyone know how many people actually get hired versus how many people apply to yellowstone? I'm interested in what my odds are in being hired.

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If you wanna really get hired start applying now to Xannterra or many of the ranches in the area or Tetons .. Just gotta get those apps in . Its a popular place everyone wants to get hired there . good luck
I sent in my application really early, I think in September. I called them the other day and the lady told me my application was with the housekeeping department and if I don't hear anything within a couple weeks to call back. I'm just very excited and impatient! I also applied to Jackson Hole and Pahaska Tepee.
According to the HR director at Xanterra that I talked to last year, the ratio of applicants to openings in the most popular areas to work (like Yellowstone, within the Park itself) was about fifteen to one. She did add, however, that about half of those apps had reasons to be rejected immediately, such as not fully answering all the questions on the forms, lack of contact information or references, or some huge negative such as having a felony conviction, or having quit previous similar jobs without notice.

So your odds are ostensibly about 7 to 1, but you can increase those odds dramatically by being available for the widest range of dates possible: seasonals who can work in April/May and/or Sept/Oct are valued, because college students make up the vast majority of the talent (if that's the word) pool, and often aren't available in the early or late season. Another thing that will help is indicating that you are willing to take just about any position available. The truth is that only a few of the typical "entry-level" positions are 100 percent absolutely horrible, and chances are that even if you do get stuck in such a position, you can eventually wriggle free as attrition eats away at the staff, and other, less sucky jobs become available.

I would expect the hiring environment this year to be extremely competitive, with more applicants than ever before, because unemployment (despite the government's lies) is actually at about 25% nationwide. A LOT of desperate people will be elbowing each other to get in line for these minimum-wage jobs. A slight counterbalance to that is that many companies are expanding their operations (as is the Federal Government) in the National Parks, in anticipation of another record year for visitation. So there might very well be more jobs out there, on a numerical basis, than ever before.

So I'd say, increase your odds by filling out all your apps properly and in detail, get them in as early as possible, cast your net wide (apply to every company you can find), be flexible in dates of availability and what positions you will accept, and your odds could drop to 3 to 1, or better.
who did u apply 2?xanterra?delaware north?ygss?
i applied at delaware north and have already recieved a offer.
canyon, im a returning employee. they r just starting the rest now. what do u want to do?
im the lead in the diner. there is only 1 dorm, but they are pretty strict with the rules so everyone seems to like it, at the canyon! plus if u drive the dunraven pass has lots of animals. the canyon has 2 bull elk and lots of buffalos that are regulars, and a old grizzly named scarface that likes to come to the campgrounds. the south side is hayden valley with lots of buffs and my best luck seeing wolves. brenda email me if u want the name and number of a hr person.
Thanks everyone for your insight! My roommate actually got a call today for a job interview. She hasn't called back yet even though I keep bugging her to. We put each other's names on our apps so I hope I get a call too. Initially we both were available through october, but then I was asked to be in a wedding, and had to change my date to the second week of september. It would be a bummer if only she were hired, though I'd still be happy for her.
if you apply together, the chances of them taking you both are a lot higher if your roommate takes it... i applied with someone, and he got the offer first, then spoke of me, and they said they'd place me to get him, and i got a better job than he did. :) i'm still here. as for the september thing, that shouldn't be an issue. canyon has the shortest summer season due to location, and there are constanly people coming and going all season long, and lots of college kids having to leave early to go back to school.


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