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Hey everyone, 

I was wondering if any of you have experience working at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska. I noticed on CW that they’re hiring and I'm thinking about submitting my application. Just curious if any of you have worked at CHS and what your take is on the place. I’ve searched this portal and have come across some information for Chena Hot Springs, but most of the posts aren’t very recent. Thanks so much

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I have applied as well

with 14+ years of  resort seemed they

wanted young people rather than

middle aged which by law is Illegal

so any other please let me know

Thanks for the reply Mathew. I submitted an application a few weeks ago and haven't heard a response yet. Best wishes

They are always hiring so that just shows you that the turn over rate is pretty high and nobody lasts that long. If they are hiring younger people over older people they are paying it by having the younger people not lasting that long where they have to always hire more people. I was thinking about it but then the more I thought about it the less I wanted to go there.


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