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Anyone planning on joining the scene at Coldfoot for the spring/summer season of 2010?

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Im hoping to get the opportunity! Have had my interview, it was very promising ! Im really excited! So Ill see how it goes! :) I see you have worked up there!? Im jealous!
Hey Cory.

Yes I have worked there before. I was a lodge cleaner from April to October of 2009. Currently I am working at Deadhorse Camp until April. Then I will be returning for another season at Coldfoot.
Let me know how things go!
Just had an interview this morning and hope to see you guys there.
Hey everyone! I recieved a promising email in conjunction with my app I submitted today. I'm mullng this over before I give them a call tomorrow - the seclusion, isolation, I mean, what do people do out there after work? I'm an avid hiker/backpacker, but I can imagine I won't want to do that every day I have off. Or maybe I will. Hmm. Well, I am working on a new novel which is why this actually sounds quite conducive. I would like to know the inside scoop first from people such as yourself who have worked there. Just base things, like where is the nearest store, etc? It is apparent you are quite pleased, and so are others whose Coldfoot threads I have read.

I truly hope they hire me, however. I've been wanting a Walden Pond experience for quite sometime.
The Northern Lights are something I'm in it for, definitely! I'd also like to take a sabbatical out to Fairbanks Bus 142 at some time during the summer, where Chris McCandless (Into the Wild) met his untimely end but had some amazing, transcendent experiences. But first things first, the job! Good luck Jack with the first interview! Tell us how it went.
hi, I am from pittsburgh, I have the dream of going to the bus 142. I am looking to join a group with experience in hiking to do it. if I can join your group when you go to the bus let me know, that would be really great. thanks... Michell my mail is
Joshua & Jack, I have worked at both camps. I promise once things slow down mid week (or sooner) I will get back to each of you about what the camps are like and the experiences you may have. Like anything in life though, it really is about your perspective & what you choose to put into it overall....

More soon!
Hi Sadie, I am seriously looking at working Coldfoot camp this upcoming winter, to begin with... I'd like to be a lodge cleaner. How many rooms on a list? How long do they give you to do them... industry-standard of 20-30 mins per, or something else? Are the rooms simple enough in details that it's possible to be thorough AND timely? I'm great at details and VERY thorough; I;m not real fast, unfortunately. But I love the physicality and orderliness of housekeeping. I love winter; I'm currently down in Girdwood. No luck seeing any Northern Lights so far.... Anyway, any info you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
Hey Jack! I'm sure you dazzled them, judging by your emails alone, you are an articulate, compitent man. I have one question for ya. Did they say when they'd want you up there?
Hey everyone!
Things are still quite busy here at Deadhorse.
It would make things easier for me if you each gave me specific questions that you would like answered.
You can ask me anything about Coldfoot & Deadhorse & I will do my best to give the answers you need.

Good luck with your round 2 interviews!

I just got off the phone with Anna. One interview down. One to go. When she asked me "if I were to inquire with one of your employers, what would they say your weaknesses are?" First I hesitated and was at a complete and utter loss. Really, what do you say to that? Then I was like, "Well, at a company Christmas party last year, I didn't win the snowboard I had put in ALL my raffle tickets for, and for the rest of the night, I was a grouch, sitting alone and drinking my White Russian in a corner. I really really wanted that snowboard! So if you inquire with my previous employer, they might say don't let Joshua come to the Christmas party, especially if there's going to be a raffle." Maybe that wasn't the best thing to say, eh? But she laughed and said, "Since its a summer job, you won't have to worry about a Christmas Party."

Very true. Very true. :D

Can't wait for my second interview. They didn't seem to thrilled that I have tattoos. Do other people who work at the camps have tats?
They asked you about tattoos? Unless they're visible, it shouldn't be an issue.


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