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Anyone planning on joining the scene at Coldfoot for the spring/summer season of 2010?

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Thanks man. Look forward to meeting you all.
Ted, you should totally live in the Twinkie this year.
You are a genius. I forgot about the Twinkie.
You should also be prepared to fold fitted sheets.
Thanks. ;)
You should also be prepared to pillow the north inn.
Thanks. ;)
Wow, its insulated from the outside in! You guys must be shootin off inside out jokes.
where'd you find the picture???

if kevin doesn't live in it this summer, PLEASE do. you'll become Mr. Prudhoe Bay 2008.
I took that picture!

Mr. Coldfoot! I think that is George, no doubt.
I Just got a SteriPEN water purifier and was wondering if anyone knows about the quality of water from the the streams and rivers. This cool little gadget uses UV light to damage viral DNA, bacterial DNA and I think a couple of parasites. Unfortunately there are some parasites that it can not kill. An other down fall is that you can't filter various chemicals that may be present. I am trying to decide whether I should return it and stick the the MSR water purifier. If anyone has any helpful advice please let me know. Also,for all you returning coldfooters: Does any one bring fire arms? I was not planning on it but everyone I talk to that has been around that area tell me I would be crazy not too.
A little over a month and a half and I will be in Coldfoot. I am very excited and I am looking forward to meeting the crew.
Rey I asked the same thing about the firearm question. They told me I was allowed to bring a side arm. They also did state none of their previous employees have ever had any problems with animals/bears. Being an outdoorsman myself I would hate not to have one when there was a problem. Alaska is one of the last frontiers and remember if you go out and about there is not any means of fast travel or extraction in remote areas. Most defiantly and obviously use this mean of firearms as a last resort if it had come to it. Regarding bears there is always bear spray and possibly do some research into wasp spray. I have been reading that people love that stuff for deterrent. And it is true I would say most everyone in AK carries a sidearm most defiantly in less populated areas. I would also say if you have more specific questions there are a lot of Alaska outdoor forums. I just found this one and it has quite a bit of traffic.
My tent mate last year brought a gun, but never used it. It sat under his bed for the majority of the summer.
I really don't think it is necessary...if you are worried about bears, get some bear spray in fairbanks when you arrive. To be completely honest, you probably won't see a bear the entire summer (unless you make a trip south to Denali).
I think getting fire arms to Coldfoot would be more of a hassle than anything (planes, ect.), espically since it is something that i can guarantee you won't be using.


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