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Anyone planning on joining the scene at Coldfoot for the spring/summer season of 2010?

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One quick question. Why do they ask you about tobacco use? There's even a question on the app. along the lines of "when was the last time you smoked cigarettes?" So, why the anti smoking practices being that the location is in the Interior?
I'm trying to go for the second season :)
Sadie and who is ever up at Coldfoot now Ill see you on Sunday! I look forward to see and meet everyone else soon!
See you tomorrow Cory, can't wait to meet you!
Hope you are enjoying Coldfoot...I should be back on the 14th!
How's lodge cleaning?
Its the bomb diggity up here! Really breath taking and awesome scenery! Glad I was able to make it for the last part of winter!
I am having a great time, and loving lodging cleaning!!! I can't wait to meet you tomorrow =)
When does coldfoot start hiring for the Fall/Winter season?
Wow Sadie, you really got people wanting to come to Coldfoot. You should become there recruiter.
To those of you about to embark on your seasonal work experience that is Coldfoot Camp...

I have forgot to mention & really had forgotten altogether just how much mud there really is here until about mid-summer. So investing in a good pair of shoes/boots that are water proof and can get you through the mud is a great idea.

{Lodge Cleaners} It is a great idea for you to have them because of the amount of times you are entering/exiting a building. There is a "outside shoes" off policy in the buildings that we need to follow even when cleaning. A pair of crocs or rain boots that you can take on off & switch into a pair of indoor "cleaning" shoes is something you should consider. It's something I do, because honestly, the idea of cleaning in my socks is just not so appealing. :)
Two words, water waders. That will most likely get you through the mud!
Hellloooo Coldfooters!

I am very excited to meet all of you tomorrow when I will be arriving at Coldfoot! Michelle is picking me up insanely early here at the GoNorth hostel and after a week of adventuring in Denali, along the Chena river, and in Fairbanks with a good friend of mine, I can't believe that I will finally be there tomorrow!

I'm glad to see that most everyone has arrived thus far and seems to be having a great time thus far. I want everyone to know that I am totally game to any and all new adventures in the backcountry as well as just chillin in camp.

Can't wait to meet you all and can't believe this is finally becoming a reality!



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