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Any feedback as an employee of the listed camps ??

I am considering applying to them for work. I think my biggest fear is going all that way and not getting enough hours to make it worth my while. I've read they are remote and that appeals to me and my

I'm also not a youngster... 45, don't know if that will be held against me or not... opinions ??

Thanks for any input.


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first off welcome to CoolWorks, secondly, I have posted a number of posts to myCW about Coldfoot Camp. If you do a search for it up at the top of the page you should come up with all my results. Or just check out my page as well. If there are any other question I would love to answer them for you. As for hours. I wouldn't worry about getting as many hours as you would like especially during the high season.
Thanks for the speedy reply Kevin and the warm welcome.

I have been trying to get the hang for the forum set up and took your advice on the search. Haven't read anything so far to dissuade me from Coldfoot. Travel cost to and from is prohibitive but I am trying to figure that out. No sense in applying if I can't make it

~ J
Well they pay for most of it to get you up there, up to $500 I do believe and then they just withhold some money from your first couple of paychecks which is really nice. If you complete your season they generally will give you that money back too!
Worked up there at the Yukon last summer and loved it. You should be able to get enough hours especially if you chose Deadhorse and Yukon. I heard they over hired in Coldfoot last year so some employees weren't working 40 hrs but don't hold me on that, it was a rumor. If you hear back from them get a hold of me by sending me a message. I've applied for re-hire at the Yukon and the rest but they've haven't given me any straight answers yet. I wanna see if they are hiring and their just pulling my chain or not. Really loved it though, if you like the wilderness you'll love it too.
I just got off the phone with them, first interview, I guess they do 2 or 3. they advertise on the older and bolder page. I'm 55 myself. If your into hunting, they allow you to have your weapons there, even told me about a place to go target shooting. I'm looking to go to Coldfoot myself. Dead horse is too flat without trees. they even have a thing that says you can have an outdoor pet.


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