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Hey everybody just wondering if there's anyone heading north to Coldfoot for the Summer?

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So they hired you? Did they say anything about how many spots they had open at the Yukon and Coldfoot? I've been waiting on them, hoping that they'll hire me back, worked there last summer, just curious on how they described their situation to you. If it was going to be a slow summer or something
They didn't say how many spots were left, but I think they just might be in the middle of everything right now. I did call them like 15 times and sent lots of e-mails before I finally got an interview and then lots more calls and e-mails before the second interview and the confirmation of employment. Have you been as obnoxious as me? I'm super excited about the hiking, did you get lots of time to play outside? Could you kinda give me the lowdown on what it's like, pros/cons?
Well, Coldfoot I heard is pretty different then the Yukon. At the yukon I wasn't really able to leave often. I think I left a total of five to six times in like 4 months, but at Coldfoot you can hitch a ride with the truckers that stop there. I haven't been to obnoxious because they always say "By the end of the week I'll get back to you," So then I wait tell the end and email again. But I've been waiting for a long time it seems. Last year I was hired by this time so I'm pretty bummed. Coldfoot you will be able to do lots and lots of hiking. Try and get on some of those tours that head up to Prudhoe Bay, thats always fun, and some of those flight tours are pretty cool. The only cons I can think of is you'll be working with quite a few more people then I experienced. I heard it could get a little dramatized but you should be fine. Coldfoot is beautiful and you'll get to meet some really interesting people. After the mosquitoes died off I was able to spend a lot of time jogging and exploring but those damn things are everywhere so remember to bring some Avon Skin So Soft (worked well for me). Did they saw how they were hiring with late comers at all?
Hey don't be bummed they seem to be taking forever to get back to anybody, just keep calling everyday until they have to talk to you. I'm sending the good luck vibes your way. Thanks so much for the info and advice, you know I was kinda curious about Wiseman. What's that community like, do you know of any herbalists that live there?
I was also trying to find out about wiseman I was looking on line but did not come across much .
No herbalists off hand, thou I bet there is one. Man, if you grow any food up there it gets huge. I grew some sweet peas, they got big. There is this really cool guy that lives there, got this great white beard and I think he has been there the longest, you'll meet him for sure. Cool people in Wiseman. Thats just up from you a couple of miles so I bet you'll get to meet everyone that lives there. I think there is a population of 14. Its just a bunch of Alaskan style houses with an open trading post and a sinking post office. Really cute community. There is this vegan guy that lives there, I bet he knows a thing or two about alaska gardening.
Wow, that's exactly what I was hoping for, Thanx Ashley!
I just had a really good interview with cold foot and I am excited, I could be working up there this summer. I hope they get back to me soon.
That's awesome! Which position are you applying for?
Server, you?
I've been hired as a lodgecleaner as well at Coldfoot.


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