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Hey everyone, I am new to this site, but you guys seem like you could be a helpful crowd. I am thinking about moving to Colorado (probably Copper Mtn/Frisco area) and I was wondering how hard is it to find a job starting in early January? I would love to hear any suggestions you have for jobs, housing, or just living the skier life in general.

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Finding a job in January is actually a lot easier than you may think. You may want to start talking to the resorts around Christmas time.

Here are two things to think about regarding the ski resorts. They hire a ton of people and then tell them that they can not have anytime off for Christmas. So many people start and say the heck with that I am going home for Christmas anyway and they lose their job. Making it great for somebody like you to swoop in afterwards and take it.
Secondly, with the changes in requirements and the number of visa's given out to international workers you will find it much easier to find a job later in the season. The federal government has severely limited the number of H2b visa's and instead have been issuing a great deal of J-1 visa's to international worker's . J-1 visa'a now are only good for three months and they can not be renewed. So, if they start in Dec they are done in Jan. Guess what they need someone to fill that role and you are just the person for the job!

Oh and Welcome to CW!
The jobs will be easy to find (relatively), as vacancies tend to open up after the holidays. The best thing to do might be to just show up at the personnel office(s); who knows, somebody might have quit half an hour ago and they need a warm body.

Every ski resort offers free skiing as part of its employment package, but you won't be able to use it except on your days off, simply because your working hours will pretty much coincide with when the ski area is open. An exception to that would be if you work in the largest restaurant, or a bar/lounge.

The housing offered to seasonal employees is often waaaaaaay off-site, often an hour or more away. That's because real estate values are so high in the ski towns, no one can rent on a seasonal worker's salary, nor can the company purchase or lease property in the town, without its being cost-prohibitive. So given that you probably won't be able to house yourself near the ski area where you work anyway, you should think in terms of renting "downhill" and then driving up I-70 every day (tedious, I know).

The best places to look would be Evergreen and Conifer. Idaho Springs and Georgetown used to be good places to find rentals, but the housing there has been taken up by people who work in the casinos in Black Hawk and Central City. If you went in the other direction (west) on I-70, you would have to get to Glenwood Springs--quite a ways--before you had a crack at anything decently priced, and even there, the housing market is under pressure from both Vail and Aspen. You could also live in metro Denver---Wheat Ridge/Arvada area--with easy access to I-70. However, that would be quite a commute--especially in winter.

All of the above means that if you DO find a position that offers onsite housing, you should grab it with both hands. The timing might be right, for the same reason that job vacancies open up.

The coolest part of the free ski deal is that you get a multi-mountain pass--for instance, you get Keystone, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain all together.
There are places such as Vail plaza hotel and many others that offer housing near the resort. One is Alyeska in girdwood, AK. The mountains are beautiful in the winter...go for it!
Copper mountain offers dormitory-style housing and here is the website about their housing: As you can see on the website, it will be close to work. If I can be of further help, please feel free to write me. Akscootr
hey shannon, i was just looking on craigslist and there are all kinds of jobs available. i am thinking about going out there after turkey day. i have applied to a few jobs, but i think it is one of those things that it would be better to be there. i will probalby take about 100 copies of my resume and see what happens. also on cl, there is a ton of housing, and it really isn't that bad, about $600 to $700 a month if you are looking for just a room (shared housing)
Sorry for taking so long to thank you guys, but anyways... thanks a ton for the information! It has been very helpful.


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