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Hello! I am new to Coolworks! I have been offered a summer position in Skagway. I am currently living in NYC, but I grew up in the mountains of New York State (I know, they're hills compared to whats out west). This seems like a great opportunity to leave the hustle, bustle, and frustration of the big city behind for awhile and have a bit of an adventure. I wanted to know about other seasonal employees experiences, what they liked or disliked, cost of living, transportation, etc. 

I'm looking forward to hearing about some of your experiences! 


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Hey cara
. My name is Nate I also work for AE this place. Is a blast to work and even live I live in Haines. Now . Bit if u have any questions let me kno about the company and all or any other questions

Hello Nate, it's nice to make your acquaintance! I'm looking into a job at Liarsville Gold Rush Camp. I would be up mid April and leave at the end of September. I'm just trying to get as much info as possible so I know what to expect! Are you originally from Alaska? If not, how was the move out there and what were your summer experiences like? Thank you for your response! 

Nice that's a cool place , went there once I believe , I guess I miss read ur message and thought you worked somewhere else . But that's cool lots of things to do , are u driving I flew and I'm not orig from here but the move was fine they should have housing . I work on a offgrid camp about 60 miles round trip from skag doing tours at a glacier . I would totaly look up both Haines and Skagway's chamber of commerce. Websites they got everything

Hey Nate, I am an ex-Skagway worker from way back when (2006), but thinking about coming back up again next year. Trying to get an idea of who to work for...would like to do something different this time. Did the AE dog sled tour last time in Dyea. What do you do and what companies have you all worked for? Would you work for them again? What was the housing like? I'd like to try Haines this time...

I took a job for a cruise line driving their buses for the land expeditions. They had several choices including Skagway. I chose another and left after a month. Snoring room mate, legal maximum of 70 hours per week with the "possibility" of a single day off mid-summer! Huge overage of males up there. High, high prices about one half again often what a big box might charge in the Lower 48. Very much an exploitive environment - hunting, fishing and logging plus the seasonal tourist trade. I did profit from knowing the local Indians but it rained constantly and then the sun never went down making it hard to sleep. Periodically, the mosquitos would carry you off and the temperature ranged from snow to, like, the 80s. Skagway was a mining town and I was in an old salmon fishing turned tourist mecca town. It could be all the difference in the world but personally the AK experience reinforced my personal guideline of talking to someone on my wave length who had already been at my employer in question whenever possible. Glacier Park Incorporated runs 6 locations in and around the Park and many people remember their time there with great fondness. Vail Associates is the mountain company that runs the skiing in Vail and other places. They have numerous locations and positions including the jobs available in their status of main concessionaire in Grand Teton National Park. A lot of people like their experience with the mountain company in Telluride, Telluride Ski & Golf and I just enjoyed my job at the Madeline Hotel there.

Before that I was happy to work for the Terra Hotel Group at both their Inn at Jackson Hole and Teton Mountain Lodge. I have heard great reports about the Signal Mountain Lodge on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton and a number of people have been positive about their experience at the Cascade Resort in Vail.

Franz Klammer Lodge in Telluride, Jenny Lake Lodge in Grand Teton and various others you should be able to kind of get a handle on here are kind of sure things. FYI.


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