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Last year I was in Old Faithful till Oct. 20th and I believe that killed my chances for other places. I've noticed that when looking for a winter job they mainly stop their hiring in Oct. for hiring. 
Now I'm back again, with DNC till Oct. 2nd. 
How in the world can I get a winter job with that late date?

Am I wrong?
Do I have to get a lesser contract next time?
Can I get a winter job in Oct.?

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Apply for jobs near the end of the summer. And wait for your emails about setting up a interview. I don't see any problems with getting any winter work. I know that GTLC will be having a winter job fair in August, and they are ran by Vale so they have a lot properties.
Alright, oh and what's GLTC?
Grand Teton Lodge company
also just start looking at coolworks around aug thats when they start popping up most jobs start around end of nov and beginning of dec so u should be fine
If you were a freemason you could.
You could probably get a job at a ski resort since they don't open until later than that, and the one I work at still hires some people throughout the season, but I agree with everyone that you should apply near the end of summer. That's what I did last summer. I was in Cape Cod until the end of October and I didn't have trouble finding a winter job starting after that.
What exactly is considered "end of summer"? VBecause I am going to the Cape this summer until mid to late October, granted i plan on starting my search around my birthday (Sep 30th) will that be too early/too late?

BTW, how did you like the cape and what were some good activities to get into? I move there the 15th and will be in Wellfleet.
We usually break the seasons into summer and winter but it's more like what the season is centered around. Just like searching for summer jobs in December/January that begin around take that 4-5 month period as the usual for any season. To find something in November, for example, prime time would be late June and July...some into August. There may be openings somewhere yet by late September, but it is somewhat late. Kind of like those just starting now looking for something this summer. Also there are fewer opportunities to begin with in the winter.
Yea that makes sense, i found my upcoming summer job starting May 18th all the way back in February. And the posting was from January.
It might be difficult to transition to another national park at the end of your seaon, as some parks have overlapping seasons. However, if you just want to get a winter seasonal job, ski resorts would be your best bet as they don't open until after Thanksgiving and most resorts are still aggresively hiring beginning of October. It is fun working at these resorts especially if you ski and most of them offer end of the season bonus.


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