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I may have posted something similiar to this... but I can't find the post to look at the replies.

All you pro seasonal workers, QUESTION:

Is it harder to get a seasonal job in the fall/winter?

I got a job so quickly for summer, and i'm hoping that happens for winter too!! Just wondering if it will be difficult. 

My summer seasonal ends in October, so I plan on applying at tons and tons of places in September before i'm done.

Thanks for your help cool workers! :)

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Talk to your location personnel manager and let them know you want to be considered for the winter season. Also, you will see winter season posting on Cool Works beginning in August, September and October.



Assume (and financially plan on) being off for a bit between seasons (go travel some cheap country or visit family for it). Winter gigs are pretty easy to come by as well, depending on what you want to be doing. Ski resorts are always an easy place to find a winter gig, but there are countless other opportunities out there as well. 

If you don't like being cold, winter ranch jobs in Arizona and Texas are a good bet.  It's also easy to find work in south florida around the middle of December, if you have food service experience.

Like DJ said, if you like winter, there is a ski resort in every state that has a hill - very easy to find work.  It is a little different and at some places and some positions it's a bit more time consuming.  But I'm not sure if I'd call it difficult.  Overall, there are somewhat fewer opportunities.  There is a higher percentage that still needs an in-person interview, or at least prefers one.  So when you are in a larger summer area it becomes slightly easier because there are job fairs that travel through.

There's also many that do not offer housing, and a higher percentage that have no food plan.  Many of the ski resorts have some housing, but expect higher rents.

Many of the winter places stagger their opportunities.  September is a good plan in general, but there are some openings as early as July.  And some that start early with a handful of positions and add or switch open opportunities every couple of weeks.  Arizona ranch season opens on Oct 1, and will first take those people that can be there at opening day.  Florida tends to prefer in-person.  Don't forget to check out those places that are open year-round...but many will prefer to take those wanting permanence and then try to fill winter with summer people.

My most recent concession job was almost 20 years ago, so my input may not be worth as much as that of somebody who has more recent experience, but I’d say no—it’s actually easier to get a job in the off-season.


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