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dealing with disappointment when you first arrive for seasonal work

I have done a few seasonal jobs

Some have been magical and incredicle

Others suck

I don't stick around if its bad

I drove down to shenadoah and the HR was cold, was brought to my dorm and saw rat feces on my mattress and on floors  ( it was opening day so..)    I LEFT THAT NIGHT

i drove down to florida to ocean reef club. I found it to be segregated by wealth, roomies sucked, people cold,etc. I LEFT AFTER 1 day

I worked in yellowstone for 4 months which was great and basin harbor which was so so, but I stayed for half my contract

How do you all deal with this? I get so disappointed right away and I know people may say stick around, but i use my intuition 

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Thanks for sharing your experience with this post. It is a good question. Although I have worked in great locations, if I didn't like the job or employment situation for a specific reason, I too have chose to leave. I left with notice and was able to keep me rehire status. However, if I left for a reason, I have no desire to deal with that company again. I have left places to focus on continuing my education because that is more important that a seasonal job. I have also left places because I refused to be under valued and under appreciated. I have seen people who are lazy get promoted because they either suck up to supervisors or for other political or personal reasons. This is a great post. Thanks for posting it. I am interested to see what other people say and how they react to difficult situations whether it be work related or a conflict with coworkers, or they have an issue with the housing or the isolation of a location. P.S. If a company wants you to appreciate the opportunity they are giving you and wants you to value it, they need to appreciate and value you as an individual. This means giving the most qualified person the more desirable jobs and the promotions based on whoever works the hardest and has the best credentials I.E. work and educational backgrounds. If they aren't willing to do that from what you get with first impressions, don't stick around because they probably don't and won't appreciate and value you and what you have to offer them, their business and more importantly their guests. Don't let them take you for granted.



Brenda , I have a feeling I might know who are describing .

I've work at a few places where  they didn't care about the employees, we are just a number to that which can be easy replaced,  they didn't offer any act ivies for us the food was really bad they're only time we got something good was they had leftovers from guest  we left after a month but most places I've work at has been pretty good. And I've herded some bad things about the ocean reef club  had a friend they were just about an offer him a job as a cook, but they saw his tattoo, they turn him down.  

I Have to say that I have been very lucky when it comes to the places that I have worked and I have yet to get a job where the place has been bad. My greatest summer is when I worked at Custer State Park and worked at State Game Lodge, meeting folks from all over the world that are now lifelong friends is priceless. I was the housing manager and I hung out with everyone and my favorite people were from the Ukraine. Sure there were a few bad apples but they were gradually weeded out and quit or fired.

I think the best places that have treated there employees like gold when it comes to housing and overall morale is Telluride Ski Resort and my current job here at Copper Mountain. The housing is pretty sweet at Telluride, you get your own room and the housing is right on the Mountain, steps away from the lifts. Copper is amazing as well, 5 minutes from work and the lifts. They have an employee cafe that you get great deals and that is closed now so we get 50% off at other places. They have free meals once in awhile.

Tom if you ever want to know of some good ideas where to work, send me a pvt message and I can give you a few ideas. I am sure that one of these days I will end up going to a place that I cannot stand but I am sure that I will stick with it and make it work no matter what because in all honesty I am not at places to really make money. I am there to hike and enjoy what that place has to offer. We all have different motivations for working seasonal jobs, Good post by the way!

its good to know places

I'm working this summer at mount rushmore

the HR person gave me the dates i wanted and was soooo accommodating

and 1 person said it was great working there

i loved yellowstone

basin harbor in VT was so so

shandendoah i left

ocean reef id avoid, it sickening to greet ungrateful billionaires who feel entitled and to see the wealth they have. I mean jets and yachts the size of football fields!

i prefer national parks or tourist areas to meet ppl from all over the world

I find people get seasonal jobs months in advance

and for me, i think all about it, get excited and imagine how it is

and it stinks when you get there, and its nothing like you imagined

for ocean reef,  arrived, and was greeted coldly. I drove down from Ma to florida and nobody was welcoming!  Then i had to get an ID and pay for it!  That ticked me off

Then I was sent on my way to housing and left to do it by myself

I got lost, frustrated, got to housing, got my key, went to my room,walked in and it was dirty,trashed, looked like a college dorm. Roomies seemed so so, didn't hit if off. I left after 3 days, But I found it sucked. I get so disappointed i just leave. I could stick it out, but usually it won't get better

I heard that Mt Rushmore has some EPIC housing and geez that area is amazing. I worked at Custer State Park and would make frequent visits to Mt Rushmore and I loved it. Hope you get to visit CSP because they have some amazing wildlife and hiking as I am sure the area of Mt Rushmore does as well.

You should get some very down to earth folks at Mt Rushmore that is for sure, no millionaires unless they are flying overhead in a jet or helicopter, lol. During the week of Sturgis you will get lots of bikers and they are all so cool and down to earth as well, love seeing a tough biker approach you and then act all cool.


Well good luck to ya

i heard housing is good too

we got a lot of bikers at yellowstone

ya i got a good feeling about mouth rushmore

they seem laid back

I've been there twice, and i got a 3 months contract and they gave me the dates i wanted

two places I have worked at and did have a good time , Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier National Park . was greeted quite well and other than a couple of managers things went really good . food was so so but room and board was actually rather cheap ( compared to some other places I have worked at ) Olympic was great , people really cool , meals were great , no worries about trying to get to town for the most part ( bus service running between several towns going through the park . the location I worked at was Lake Crescent .

I have mixed feelings about this topic.  One thing I have said in this forum repeatedly is don't show up for a seasonal summer job with huge expectations.  Most of the jobs are mundane (i.e. boring), not that challenging, and are only needed when there are lots of visitors to pay the bills. If you show up expecting a "Career" opportunity you are almost certain to be disappointed.  I also think summer employment is a two way street .... the employer owes you something (decent pay, place to live, some time off, ect.) but YOU owe the employer something as well (honesty, reliability, willingness to work, ect.). Be ready to fulfill your part of the agreement.  Some jobs go south in a hurry because YOU didn't ask important questions before accepting the time ask the questions, and if you don't like what you hear....don't go! If you have a degree, and the desire I suggest being a Park Ranger.  Why?  Better pay, better accommodations, better benefits, and better management ... to name a few. Occasionally leaving a summer job due to poor conditions is completely understandable, but doing this year after year indicates a pattern that may be mainly YOU.  Have a great summer, Ranger Rich

interpretive ranger jobs they usually want you for 6 months and they are harder to get

i have a masters in education so i prob could get 1 or 2

you are right, i needed to ask more questions in some places

but you really can't ask if there will be rat feces on my bed when i arrive! lol

but you r right, ask more questions

i never got treated badly by an employer on seasonal work

it was just everything, the culture,etc

the mix of people,etc

it seems hit or miss

Tom, we completely agree .... it is hit or miss.  Not every summer will be 100% fantastic ....there will always be something that could have been better.  Expect this.  Rat feces is unacceptable to me too BTW :)


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