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Hi! I am thinking about working in Death Valley in the future. (My experience so far has been with Yosemite.) Can anyone tell me about their experiences working there, in either Stovepipe Wells or Furnace Creek? I am trying to decide which location would be the best fit for me. I want to know more about the day to day stuff like employee housing, what is the employee community experience, what to expect for my life outside of work, what the employee experience is in general. If you have worked at either or both locations, what should I know? What was your experience? Thank you! :)


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Hi Betsy,

I visited both properties in January 2012.  My blog posts here -

The HR manager at Stovepipe Wells has changed since my visit.

A post about the skies in Death Valley -

It's a cool park.


Thank you very much! This will help a lot. :)

You're welcome.  There is another thread about Furnace Creek too.

I am wondering if one of the locations has a better social community. I really enjoyed all the friends I made working at Yosemite, and I want to be sure that if I work at another park, I wont be completely socially isolated. I don't necessarily mean a "crazy" night life, just people you can get to know, make friends, maybe an employee get together now and then, people to sit on the porch of my wob and chat with. I don't want to end up being the only person my age, and being very isolated or lonely. I love being out in the middle of nowhere as long as I can find some community when I need to.

For you I would take a stab at Furnace Creek.  But that's not to say you wouldn't do well at Stovepipe.  Maybe slightly better odds because of numbers. Past seasons are not necessarily a good determiner.  You are part of the new equation, and so will many of the people that season.  I have been at places that have had kind of a wild rep and suddenly the new people were very quiet with more readers and photographers than partiers...and I have seen the opposite in a one season switch too.

 I have worked in somewhat isolated areas with much smaller numbers than Stovepipe...and really 75 should be kind of diverse.  There is most likely people your age, and people of the same interests no matter how old they are.  I am thinking Stovepipe Wells for myself...but I'll admit that at least part of that is a strategy to have a future 'in' for the Volcano House in Hawaii.

Hi betsy,

I used to work at the ranch at furnace creek.  I would say  the ranch defiantly.  But just a warning it has been going through some growing pains so patience is a virtue there. Stovepipe is more like a motel while the ranch is more well ranch like.  There are more employees and they are two different companies.  I have not ever worked for the ortegas but I also dont know of anyone who has.  Good luck in whatever your choose and you should look into the south rim at the grand canyon they are about to head into their busy season.  

Thanks Anthony!

I too am concidering death valley this fall...I am currently at the south rim of the grand canyon ...although the money is really hood as a server my social life is nill. Everyhing shuts down before I get off work every night and there is no where for me to cook if I looking dor my next location to have later houra and maybe aome sort of area to do cookinf....any idea if these locations offer this kind of stuff?

@ Shannon, You should look into Yosemite.

Really want a warm location ....

I'm with you on warm, the cold Iowa winters have taken there toll. Im ready for a change.

Ok I did not live at the Furnace Creek Ranch during the summer. However, i was there at the very end  of summer it was 110-120 consistently for the whole month of august.  You go to work, run your butt off.  Go home its dark and 107 out at night.  You get to your room and want to take a cool shower right? WRONG! the water is hot, you think umm the cold water isnt working, no there isnt cold water cause the ground is so hot it naturally heats the water.  If you want cold water you have to fill up your tub blast the ac and let the water chill while you are at work.True story, oh yeah the pool is like a jaccuzi in the summer. 


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