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Hi! I am thinking about working in Death Valley in the future. (My experience so far has been with Yosemite.) Can anyone tell me about their experiences working there, in either Stovepipe Wells or Furnace Creek? I am trying to decide which location would be the best fit for me. I want to know more about the day to day stuff like employee housing, what is the employee community experience, what to expect for my life outside of work, what the employee experience is in general. If you have worked at either or both locations, what should I know? What was your experience? Thank you! :)


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There is nowhere to cook in Death Valley either.  I made the transition from GCSR to Furnace Creek Ranch I was happy at first but that property has too many issues.  Where at the south rim do you work? I still have many friends there.

I am a server at bright angel i've been working in the bar as well hoping to get behind the bar full time soon 

I'm a server at bright angel but making moves to get behind the bar soon I have been cocktailing a few days a week in there and hoping to be behind the bar soon 

I used to bartend at Bright Angel I workd for my dear friend TFB. The money was always on the cocktailing side however bartending therre is good when contiki comes during the summer. Tell BJ weston I said hi and why did he delete me from facebook. lol

Have you actually been to Death Valley? Yosemite is lovely just about any time of year. Death Valley is a sun-scorched wasteland. It's well-nigh intolerable from April to October (unless you're a lizard), and it can get surprisingly cold in the winter. IMHO, it's one of the ugliest and most unpleasant places on earth--it richly deserves its name.

But let's say you're a desert rat. Fine. You'd better LOVE isolation. You're an hour-plus from the dry-gulch hamlet of Beatty, two-plus hours from Pahrump (whee!), and much further than that from Vegas, the Inyo valley towns, etc. There will be NO place to shop, to eat, to have fun other than what's at the resort itself. It will feel like being on the moon.

A lot of tourists go there because they're curious about the extreme nature of the environment. But they rarely linger for long. I can't speak to the nature of the jobs there or the people you'd be working with--those change from year to year--but you'd better like your fellow employees, because you're pretty much stuck there with them--like being on an offshore oil rig.

I'd say, go there if you must, if only to satisfy your curiosity--but whatever you do, stay away from the place in the summer (Mar-Oct.). It's brutally unpleasant, and all you can do during the day is hide from the sun. The rest of the year, the climate isn't wonderful, but you DO have the chance to do some hiking, look around, and see what the rest of the planet will look like after a nuclear war.

We'll thank you for all that....I was actually looking to just go from Oct through may each year and as far as being isolated I am that isolated here as t the South rim but here they close everything at 11 so when I get off work no where to eat or anything and no kitchens to cook in at all....anyway I got me a lead on another little family ranch here in Arizona that is only open in the winters I may be trying to get on with. The thing I thought about the death valley location is they have the golf course and ranch there didn't seem quite as bad as you described......

Well, at least at the South Rim, you're within an hour of Flagstaff, and there's lots of shopping, restaurants, stuff to do, etc. there. At Death Valley, even the towns you can get to in < 3 hrs aren't much. The isolation there would be considerably worse than that at the South Rim. Also, visitation to Death Valley--even in the winter--is much less than to the South Rim, so the South Rim has facilities that DV doesn't.

Pretty much the "go-to" strategy for seasonals who want to work through the winter is to apply at ski resorts--they're always looking for help, particularly at the beginning of the season. You might also check out places on the Lower Colorado like Havasu--not a bad place to be in the winter.


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