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Hi all, 
Just wanted to find out ANY info/advice about Deer Valley. What it's like, how you would recommend getting there (from WA. state) ie. plane, train, bus for someone on a budget. Anyone know if there are shuttles from airport/train/bus stations to the resort? Room/boarding costs? And any unexpected situations that came up? 
Again, I'm a mom of a young man new to the program and he doesn't have Internet access so trying to find out as much as possible for him. 
Thank you!!!

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Jason, just found out my son Thomas is also going to be at Prospector so hopefully you guys can meet up. He is flying into SLC on the 25th late afternoon/early evening. Sounds like several people are headed that way.

Hi, Julie

Im actually headed to DV on Friday the 25th from Virginia! Anyways I was wondering how your son is planing to get from SLC to DV, Ive looked up a few shuttles I just cant decided which one to take. 




Got to say the same Jason. I like it so much here I applied for summer work (got it) and will be here next winter season.....

Yeah Sundance can be really annoying when you're living in Park City, crazy traffic, way too many people, and the buses get totally off-schedule and all the bars start charging covers. If you don't see any of the movies, it's awful. So what I did was get on the waitlists and see some premieres, and I ended up totally enjoying it overall.

Hi yall i know that this is a old post like from 2011 2012 

but i feel my questions kind of fall in the same area for the same location.
So i didn't want to start a totally new thread post.

I am heading up to Park City for my first season at Deer Valley This year 

i will be working the Food and Beverage department at the Seafood Buffet for my College Externship and not just that but for the full winter and i have not even gotten there year but i know i plan on coming back the following winter season for sure and perhaps even staying in the summer if their is a position
I know not to jump so far ahead right now what i have a few questions about is the housing.

 i can't really find to much online about how people feel about the housing what they think do you like it is it run nicely or is it more run down and you have to keep ontop of people to get things fixed constantly ? 

I have lived in some really great employee housing in the past and i have crashed in some really dumpy employee housing in the past.

i am starting on November 10th i will be arriving a few days early on November 6th or 7th i have been placed in The Prospector from the time i arrive until november 15th when the Rivers Edge in Heber City Becomes available which is where i originally requests.
I am coming with my car so i don't mind being 20 minutes outside of town 

And with me being a Cook and passion for food i want to be able to actually cook and have access to a stove so that is why i choose rivers edge because from my understanding the Prospector does not have a kitchenette in the room its just a mini fridge and microwave is this correct ? 

what do you all who have spend time in staff housing think about it do you enjoy it ? anyone been over at rivers edge 

my other thing is i don't really enjoy loud parties and i am more of a quite person will i run into alot of noisy people ? 

thank you 


Boy_r    yes thats my nickname stands for Boy_Ross 


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