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Hi all, 
Just wanted to find out ANY info/advice about Deer Valley. What it's like, how you would recommend getting there (from WA. state) ie. plane, train, bus for someone on a budget. Anyone know if there are shuttles from airport/train/bus stations to the resort? Room/boarding costs? And any unexpected situations that came up? 
Again, I'm a mom of a young man new to the program and he doesn't have Internet access so trying to find out as much as possible for him. 
Thank you!!!

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Thanks Jason!
He is going to be a prep cook.
He was told Nov. 28th and I'm not sure if that's the date he is supposed to be there or if it's the date he starts work. Still waiting to clarify that with him.
Hope u and he can meet.
Bty.....his name is Thomas

Housing at Deer Valley is three hundred and something, depending on how many people you share the room with.  First season employees can live in the housing that is closest to DV, and that building is a college dorm like atmosphere, which has been converted from condos.  Taking into consideration the cost of living in Park City, it's the best housing option out there, especially since he doesn't have his own vehicle.  Public transportation (bus) is free, and is usually fairly reliable.  Things get a little goofy during the Sundance Film Festival though (that's its own story though).  If he'll be working for the Food & Beverage Dept, he will get one free meal per shift, otherwise, there's a few employee dining rooms that offer some cheap eats.  If it's your day off though, you're not allowed to eat there, and you have to find meals on your own.  I recommend El Chubasco.  That place is great if you like Mexican style food, and it's just a five minute walk from housing.


As far as unexpected situations that came up?  For me yes, but I turned lemons into lemonade, so to speak.  I requested only one roommate, but got two.  It's to be expected I suppose, when there are that many employees.  One of the roommates was very cool, and the other roommate was the roommate from hell (I'll spare you nasty details unless you really want to know).  I moved out of that housing to the remote housing at River's Edge, just outside Heber, UT.  I was able to do that since I have my own vehicle.  There is a shuttle that runs out of there, but since I transferred housing a month after I got there, there was no more room on the shuttle.  It was a quiet and mature living environment and enjoyable to live there.  The other unexpected situation was that my immediate supervisor/chef was the most micro-managing special type person I've ever worked with.  I seriously thought I could work with anyone in just about any situation, but we all learn our limitations in our own way.  After a week of that special type of environment, I transferred to a different department, and had the best seasonal employment experience I've had in six years.


So as most things go, it's what you make of it.  Deer Valley is an excellent place to work, but there is always the chance for a few bumps in the road.  Like I said, lemonade.


Since I drove there, I'm not familiar with the other best ways to get there.

Really appreciate all the info Brendan! Every little bit helps.  I'll pass on your advice and let him know "to make lemonade out of lemons" if need be:)

I could possible be in the same position trying to get to Deer Valley if you get any info on bus/shuttle from Park City to Deer Valley please leave a post on my page....



Steve Schaff

Deer Valley has some employee housing and if he can get that I'm guessing that would be best because it's really hard (and expensive) to find housing in Park City at the beginning of the winter season. I got a job with one of the other resorts in Park City (PCMR) for the 2009/2010 season and tried to find a place before I got into town, but that was impossible. Once I was there it didn't take long but I had to sign a year lease (bad idea). There are no hostels in Park City so if you arrive without housing the only cheap options are in SLC, but there's no public transportation between SLC and Park City.


Within Park City, though, public transportation is awesome. The bus system is free and most of the buses are every twenty minutes. The bus runs late too. In winter it's a great place to live without a car. The convenient neighborhoods aside from Deer Valley are Old Town, Prospector, and Park Meadows. A lot of people live in Kimball Junction (which is less expensive) but the bus doesn't run as often or as late and it takes longer to get into town and the resorts.

As for getting there I'd recommend flying into Salt Lake City and then taking a shuttle to his housing. I think the shuttle company I used was Park City Transportation.


As for unexpected situations that might come up--it's best to go with some money saved. The season I was there got off to a late start and people didn't start working as soon as they thought they would, and it's hard to save money in a ski town. It is an awesome place, though. I've lived in lots of places but Park City is definitely one of my favorites. I bet he'll have a great time.

Actually they now have a city bus that goes between Salt Lake City and Park City. Just started this year, so it should expand your housing options... 


Right now its just M-F service, but once ski season starts, it will be 7 days a week.


$11 rt

and they have free shuttles for pc resort employees during the winter anyway

I found Peak Transportation Shuttle (877) 474-9019. Leaves the SLC Airport to Park City and surrounding area daily
Steve, appreciate the transport info. You've found more than I. Sorry not any help for u but as u can see this thread is becoming very valuable with need to know info.
Thanks again!
Jason info has a bus leaving the Greyhound/Amtrak transit center that will be more helpful to me because I'll be taking the train to SLC.....


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