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Hi all, 
Just wanted to find out ANY info/advice about Deer Valley. What it's like, how you would recommend getting there (from WA. state) ie. plane, train, bus for someone on a budget. Anyone know if there are shuttles from airport/train/bus stations to the resort? Room/boarding costs? And any unexpected situations that came up? 
Again, I'm a mom of a young man new to the program and he doesn't have Internet access so trying to find out as much as possible for him. 
Thank you!!!

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how old is the young man, can't get into deer valley housing with children and you wouldn't want kids in there anyway.  housing in pc is spendy, probably at least 750 with the both of you, you would probably want a car if you have any other shift other then days, free shuttle from around 5am to 11pm, if you want i know a person who has a killer master bedroom for rent with possible second bedroom, i rented the master from her last winter, i paid 7 but she would probably want more for 2, utilities are spendy



Jon, he's 24 and I deffinately won't be with him:) That would just look bad in so many ways for him :) Sorry I gave the wrong impression in my original post. 
Thanks for the shuttle info cuz he does not have a car so that helps a lot! 
Also, he has secured housing at deer valley already. We don't have any details on that yet other than he will not be at the employee housing for those that do have their own vehicles.
I received my room assignment in Deer Valley Employee Housing yesterday via E-mail from George Summerson housing manager. I also received my Deer Valley Staff Website info from HR Yesterday via E-mail..

For those who experienced DV and the dorm housing:


How much 'free' time is available for employees to ski/snowboard?  Discounts?


What is internet access like?  WiFi?

Each job position is different but my job as a cook starts @ 1:00pm which is perfect for me I can catch the morning pow put in a couple runs get back to my room eat, short nap, shower, then off to work......Employee's are issued free ski pass's

I lived at both Prospector and River's Edge, and at both places, the wifi was not so great.  It was a little better at Prospector at first, but as the building filled up, the amount of people using it dragged it right into the ground.  There is a public library that has free internet access (there are other spots in town with free wifi also).  I didn't have a laptop at the time, but I think wifi is available there too.  You can use one of their computers for a half an hour at a time, or longer, if no one else is waiting in line, and there are around 20 of their computers.


Aside from the employee discounts with DV itself (you get a coupon book & vouchers, as well as using your ID), there are discounts to DV employees all over town.  If you have your work ID on you when you go spending, it's like having an automatic coupon.  I'd say around 70-80% of all businesses in Park City give such discounts.


The amount of free time you have depends entirely on what kind of job you're going to be working (if that's what you meant by that question).  You can ski (Deer Valley does not allow snowboarding on their runs) for free as much as you want at DV since you're an employee, and there are major discounts for you to ski and snowboard everywhere else.  Your HR orientation will go into more explicit detail.

I definitely need a place that allows snowboarding.  That's some good advice to look into before committing to a job location!  Thank you so much!!  


As far as WiFi, I think I'll have to get a secured network from from my cell phone provider.  I take online classes so it's pretty important that I have access where ever I go.  


All this information is so helpful!

Julie, have you looked into  I just did a general search for rooms/shared near SLC and it seems plentiful available at reasonable costs if your son doesn't want dorm housing.  Craigslist can be a good resource for filling needs & finding information, as always be smart and cautious when using.  

Excellent idea Matthew! Didn't think about that but he just recently got his dorm room although we don't have the details yet. 
I'll mention craigslist to him anyway because you never know what kinda people you will have to share a room with. Everyone hopes for great roommates and the ideal situation never know.
Since he's been assigned employee housing already, if he moves out before the end of the season into non-employee housing, he'll lose his security deposit, and depending on the circumstances, possibly charged with additional amounts.  The average age of most of the people at Prospector is mid 20s, so as long as roommates aren't the roommate from hell type, he should do alright.
I'v been doing seasonal work for 7 years (2-3 jobs a year) and only had 1 bad experience, sorry I'm not gay....I'v become good friends with most of my past roomies. Most people are respective towards other peoples property. It's good to lay down rules "if you touch my stuff I'll touch your stuff". Yes you will lose your deposit if you leave before the end of the season for any reason, and Deer Valley is the only housing that has that policy I have rented from....

I'm 53 years young you old fart ~lol~ yeah I've been doing this for awhile since my daughter graduated from HS and got married a few years later. I now have many young friends that except me for who I am kinda kool. Have a great trip till DV and maybe I'll see ya at the Prospector I'll be there also..




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