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Just wondering if anyone is on here and going to be heading up to Denali in May 2009?????? I just wanted to maybe meet some people before we all get up there! And maybe hear about it from people who have already been or are returning. Thanks!

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Hello Melanie
My name is Tommy Peters and I'm the Food & Beverage Manager at the Denali Lodge. Either myself or Stephen Farnsworth will be calling you. If you do not hear from one of us by the end of the week write me at
i'll be working in the gift shop too! so maybe just maybe we may work together! this is really cool how we can meet people who are going up there on this website!
Hey guys Im going to at Denali this summer is anyone else working at Mckinley Village Lodge?
i might be going up there but i've never been so i don't know what to expect.
at denali or mt mckinley lodge? i can answer questions on dpwl, no help on mckinley though =(
It's Hot! People come to AK thinking it's gonna be cold, ice, penguins, eskimos and igloos... but Anchorage, Denali Nat'l Park, and Fairbanks (and all points north)... hot... lots of pain... but I only can say this cause I fish in Homer in the summers, and for us, the 70's is cookin. But it'll fun, it'll be awesome, and some of you guys will probably not want to leave... that's cool too :)
I will be shop..yea yeah
so there are quite a few gift shoppers on here so far! cool, we'll have tons of fun guys!!!!!! :) i can't wait... how excited are all you guys!?
Hello Tommy!

Thank you so much for your reply! i actually have not heard from anyone at all concerning my job at the denali princess wilderness lodge. i am still very interested in the job and would really appriciate any sort of contact from anyone. i have sent an email to Mr.Farnsworth about what times i could be contacted. Anytime after 2:30 would be best any day but thursdays when i am in school all day untill 7:30. i would really appriciate it if you would call me.

thank you!!
Who will be driving up to Alaska ??? Where are you leaving from?? When are you gong??? I would like to meet up with some other groups and drive together.
Hi Katy,

This will be my second year at the Denali Princess and I am really looking forward to it. For most people it is a wonderful experience from seeing new sights to meeting new people and making new friends! The lodge is a beautiful place with an almost continual bustle of guests either checking in, checking out, looking for a place to eat or that special gift for someone back home and it's our job regardless of what department we work in to help the guests.

As an employee you will be housed in Healy which is about 10 miles north of the hotel at our home away from home which is refered to as Homestead, it's a converted hotel where you'll find your home for the next 4 months. It's where we sleep and eat and enjoy other good times. You will find the employee dining room for meals, an internet lounge, library, game room and lounge. It's not luxurious but it is clean and provides employees with a comfortable place to sleep, it's a must better arrangement than other employers in the area.

If you have more questions just post them here.
im heading to denali may 24th, working as a prep cook and dont know a soul. getting out of vegas for the summer and ready to kick some ass!


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